Derrick Jaxn Cheating: Wife, Da'Naia Jackson Responds

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Chile, relationship guru, knight in shinning armor, Mr. Perfect himself, Derrick Jaxn has found himself in a pickle. Sh!t done hit the fan, and come to find out, Derrick Jaxn had been cheating on his wife. While he was out here dishing out advice, and sh!ttin’ on the fellas who cheat, low and behold, he was one of them.

The kicker is, Derrick has somehow pulled a Jedi mind trick and has gotten his wife, Da’Naia Jacskon on bored with his pr attempt to rebound, in the name of the lord. For the longest while, the general public had no earthly idea who the wife was. Come to find out, she’s some religious fanatic that has all of us feeling like she’d been kidnapped and is being held hostage, in the name of Jesus. Something just isn’t right about this entire situation.

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