Saturn square Uranus – Using Chiron to Bridge the Gap

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Saturn square Uranus is the key aspect that runs through 2021.
Managing this tense aspect is the challenge facing us individually and collectively.
Saturn is the past, rules, regulations, authorities, status quo
Uranus is the future, freedom, genius, innovation, inspiration

How can we bridge the chasm between the two?


Chiron may be our answer!

Find out more in this enlightening livestream!!

Chiron: Rainbow Bridge Between the Inner & Outer Planets
Barbara Hand Clow

Melanie Reinhart – Chiron and the Healing Journey

00:00 Welcome + Introduction
04:37 Disruptive energy
07:46 Surrender
12:35 Chiron – Key to unlocking…
18:54 The Bridge + Chiron in Aries
24:14 Mars
26:27 Healing energy
30:30 Piscean energy
33:29 Well wishes

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