New App Without Investment Earn Money Easily 5000 Daily || How To Earn Money Online No Investment

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Game skills link:
Game betting tips:
1.Bet: 10₹
2.Bet: 30€
3.Bet: 70₹
4.Bet: 150₹
5.Bet: 350₹
6.Bet: 800₹
Shared revenue:
1. Click “Share” to share and invite friends to register for the game ID.
2. Tax reward algorithm: the invited user invests 100rs in the game; the user wins 100*1.95=195; the tax of (5) is generated; the tax revenue of 5*30%=1.5 is obtained. (Any game can generate tax incentives)
Note: If the amount invested by the user does not win a prize, there is no tax and no income.
3. Click (Share) to share; successfully share 20 people to get 700 rupees.
4. Tax income: automatically settled to the game ID of the sharer at 12 o’clock every night, click (Refer & Earn) to directly withdraw money.
5. Download now and get “40” rupees, recharge any amount, you can unlock more money-making games.
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