r/Fatlogic | 'In Obesity Research, Fatphobia Is Always The X Factor' hmm?

r/Fatlogic | ‘In Obesity Research, Fatphobia Is Always The X Factor’ hmm?

We’re going over the top posts of r/fatlogic, where people think being ‘thin’ is somehow fatphobic, a privilege and unfair towards overweight people. We’re going over posts ranging from people who claim diets don’t work to people who people who claim that weight gain is purely based on genetics, when in reality it isn’t.

This is a subreddit where people post about people who claim that being overweight/obese is a good thing and claim that being thin or of normal weight is bad because your technically discriminating against ‘bigger’ people. Although obesity has proven to be one of the biggest causes of cardiovascular health problems, these people still try and use the term fatphobia, the idea of being fatphobic and r/fatlogic to prove that that isn’t the case, let’s find out why!


More r/Fatlogic: https://youtube.com/playlist?list=PLlNmehd7sQHeM6DkDMpsVdXbwnThXLDEj

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*disclaimer: please don’t attack any individuals or groups within the video, these videos are made merely for your entertainment purposes, thank you.*

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