GIANT's Healthy Innovators Live TV with Barry Shrier season 3 episode 13

This video is sponsored by 24Heymarket. Healthy innovator TV show is here again with Host Barry Shrier, Founder of the GIANT Health Event discussing the latest in health innovations with his guest panel. Joining Barry on today’s episode of GIANT Healthy Innovators are :
– Rick Bartels Managing
Partner DTxCC
-Paul Tselentis
CEO 24 Haymarket Limited
in this episode Barry will discuss:
– Impact that pandemic and lockdown have had on digital solutions in healthcare.
-Discussing the current situation with digital therapeutics.
– Business models to drive market uptake of digital therapeutics.
-What are the issues in healthcare in today’s world?
-What is 24 Heymarket involved in remote care?
-What are the problems involved in remote healthcare
-What are the problems with new tech and their integrations?
-What is 24 Heymarket doing and investing in remote monitoring (EHR)?
-How pandemic effected manufactoring?
-What are the business models that DTx companies use?
-What is the incubators role in the DTx world?
Healthy innovator TV show is a weekly live panel discussion/chat show format. you can find the past episodes here

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