well I know she lifted her blou$e and the drivers didn’t did even know how to react to the done the program deleted the scene where Niurka shows her attributes without, However, the video went viral on networks social a lot the interview with the programmed entertainment was because recently the Cuban shared some photographs of her on her Instagram account.

Video de Niurka de Primera Mano
Niurka se Quita la Blusa

I always bring more relevant news Today’s second video in a single day and it seems that the world turned crazy it seems that today people Well, people wanted to stop doing from making a mess of putting it out question true good yesterday.

where she posed [email protected] in zipolite Oaxaca some Twitter users shared comments on what happened in the program taking the name of my orca to the trends of the last hours shows and let’s make news Marisol Camacho.


In the middle of an interview first hand, the Cuban decided to show her [email protected] before ending the interview Niurka lifted her blou$e and showed her [email protected] something that was cut off immediately drivers like mónica Noguera lalo Carrillo to design ni Gustavo Adolfo infant was surprised.

And not they knew how to react after they will end the link with niurka the drivers tried to talk about what it had happened in the interview although they seemed puzzled by what happened they began to joke and laugh at the situation.

They had experienced with a star near the end of the program Gustavo Adolfo Infante said that she does not know I was hoping Niurka would show her [email protected] on her show and that she was still surprised it is worth mentioning that the fragment where Niurka teaches the breasts has already been deleted.

Niurka Marcos is giving again what talk on social media after that the Cuban woman takes off her blou$e and shows the whole little one for a live show was in first hand where Niurka did not have the slightest shame in the middle of an interview with Gustavo Adolfo infante a dist union the Crazy Rillo and Monica Noguera.



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