Today Twitter went off crazy after the news Lil Nas x video surfaced that Rapper rips his pants while performing on stage on the son Sun Goes Down.

Lil Nas ex made his Saturday night live execution debut with a very attractive exhibition that brought warmth. he kept a comical inclination about his closet setback on Twitter.

Lil Nas x 22 just hit a vocation achievement the Georgia local made his SNL debut on May 21 with the tune “Montero call me by your name” and it was excessively hot for television.


He flaunted his madly chiseled physique as he spun moved in front of an audience including utilizing a stripper shaft that was situated in the middle of everyone’s attention. he didn’t think twice as he kept these enticing energies going with his similarly as fit artists.

Iā€™m not fazed, only here to sin. If Eve ainā€™t in your garden, you know that you can.” he murmured in the melody wearing cowhide pants. “Call me when you want, call me when you need. Call me in the morning, Iā€™ll be on the way,.

He likewise sings on the track towards the end he had a closet breakdown as his tight jeans incidentally tore while he was moving. he kept an awareness of what’s actually funny about the entire thing however taking to Twitter just after “not my confined tore on live on television”.

He jested on the web-based media stage just in the wake of adding “i wanted to do my pole routine so bad this what i get lmaoo” The hot presentation came after his unexpected appearance during a splendid sketch with Bowen yang and the unparalleled Kate McKinnon.

As they prepared to celebrate following a year inside Lil Nas x ex looked humorous as he lounged around with a bow plainly prepared for the gathering is SNL appearance comes days after he dropped fire new single sun goes down which was declared on May thirteenth in the video.

Lil Nas x name Ontario Lamar slope returns on schedule to help his 2017 self. who was then a secondary school understudy his father r.l Stafford even make an appearance in the clasp which shows the craftsman going into a reflective state while wearing a white suit?

The most recent drop is the development to his hit montero call me by your name nothing’s ever what we expect except for they continue to ask where I go next goodness we’re pursuing as the nightfall got my psyche on you doesn’t make any difference where we rrhe murmurs in the tune.

If you want to see the Lil Nas X Montero Rips Pants video you can watch it here.



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