Matt Cornett Leaked Video by Schnappsimp On Twitter
Matt Cornett Leaked Video by Schnappsimp On Twitter

Today the topic on which we are going to discuss is the Matt Cornett leaked Video by Schnappsimp. This video has created suspense in the fans of Bella and the bulldog’s hero. In this blog, we will discuss the whole story about this video and the reality of this video Schnappsimp video on Twitter and Who is Schnappsimp On Twitter.

Let’s start! As we know that these days alto of people sharing 100s of video’s on social media platforms. which reached millions of people and most the peoples believe this type of fake news and made these fakes news trend on the internet. In today’s video, we will know that is fake or real news.

First of all, let’s see why is this video trending?

What is in Matt Cornett Leaked Video by Schnappsimp?

The video shared by Twitter user Schnappsimp is on Twitter in which we can see a man holding an iPhone and looking at a mirror standing [email protected] and playing with his parts. (I hope You understand what I am trying to say). In this video, we can not see the face of the person. The user Ryan on Twitter on the other hand Tweeted this video with this “Matt C*rnett from High School Musical“.


After watching this video we can not guess that is it a real High School Musical hero or not. So it is not fair to say that it is him until he himself tells about this video. So do not believe in this video for now and keep with us to stay up to date. Now let’s see who is Schnappsimp and from where he got his video?

Who is Schnappsimp ?

Who is Schnappsimp
Who is Schnappsimp

Schnappsimp is a Twitter user who has not a huge fan following but as everyone knows that these days people can get a huge fan following with just a one-hit photo or video. Similarly, happen here Rays a Twitter user going viral after he shares according to him a video of Matt Cornett. I will explain to you more about Schnappsimp in the list below

  • Schnappsimp Twitter handel is @schnappsimp
  • he has created the twitter account in March 2021
  • His Twitter account Name is Rayn
  • He is follwoing only 97 people on twitter
  • His account discription is “hi. i’m ryan. i’m 17. i’m bi. there is no s*xualizing of noah going on on this account. if you think otherwise, that’s simply your dirty mind
  • He has tweeted 263 Tweet till today
  • Schnappsimp Cornett video got 44.4k view 3 days
  • His Matt video got 1.7k likes, 407 retweet and 16 comments
  • After looking his account most of his video is of Noah

After looking at Schnappsimp let’s explore who is Matt cornett and why is his video Trending on the internet?

Watch the Video At the End:

Who is Matt Cornett?

There is no point to tell you about Bella and the bulldogs and the High school musical Actor Famous for his acting and singing. But I will tell you about Matt who doesn’t know about him. Matt is an American Singer and Actor. He became famous after his The Musical Series. He has a huge fan following on almost all social media networks like Tiktok, Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram, etc. Let’s explore his social media account

Cornett Instagram Account Explained:

I will explain his Instagram Account in points which are as following

Matt cornett Instagram Photo
  1. On Instagram he has 653k follower till today
  2. he has posted 574 post on IG
  3. he is following 782 people
  4. In his IG bio he has wrote “I do this thing where I pretend I’m someone else
  5. The People who follow matt includes disneymusic, disneyplus and Sabrinacarpenter
  6. His last post got 235k likes and 853 comment till today

High School Musical Actor Matt Cornett Twitter account Explored:

I will explain his Twitter Account in points which are as following

High School Musical Actor Matt Cornett Twitter account Explored:
High School Musical Actor Matt Cornett Twitter account Explored:
  • His Twitter handel is @Matt_Cornett_
  • His Twitter Bio’s or Discription is “I do this thing where I pretend I’m someone else Stream High School Musical: The Musical: The Series on Disney+ now!
  • He has 52.1k followers on Twitter
  • He is following 183 people
  • He has tweeted 1023 tweets on Twitter
  • He has joined Twitter on May 2013
  • His last post on Twitter got 1.7k likes, 75 retweets, 83 comments and 23.8k views till today

Watch the Video Here: Video


After all this we cannot say that the person in the video of schnappsimp is Matt Cornett as his face is not clear and not shown in the video so we can not trust a person who has just created an account in March 2021 and randomly posted a video saying the person in the video is High School Musical Actor Matt so do not believe in this type of random fake news until Actor himself explains this.



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