Janene Hoskovec ‘No Longer Works for SAP’ After Viral Lincoln Coughingtest43

Janene Hoskovec is an Arizona woman and former SAP employee accused of coughing on a mother and daughter who were shopping at a Super Saver grocery store in Lincoln, Nebraska . Video of the September 3, 2021, incident went viral after it was posted on social media. The 55-year-old Hoskovec works for SAP and the company said in a statement it is “investigating the situation.” The maskless woman in the video confronted the other shoppers because they were wearing masks.
SAP said in a statement late on September 8, 2021, “We have reviewed the incident and can confirm that the individual in question no longer works for SAP.”
Hoskovec was first named as being the woman in the video by TikTok creator ThatDaneshGuy , who is known for investigating and finding people in viral videos and stories. Danesh, who said he worked along with another TikTok user, Guilt , to confirm Hoskovec’s identity, posted a video naming her on September 7, 2021, leading to the statement from SAP.
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SAP said in its first statement posted to Twitter , “The health and safety of our employees and the communities in which we live and work are of utmost concern to us. We are taking the matter of an SAP employee incident very seriously and investigating the situation.” SAP is a software company based in Germany. Hoskovec could not be reached for comment by Heavy and has not commented publicly about the video and the accusations made against her. The Lincoln Police Department and Super Saver have also not commented.
The video was first posted on Reddit by the woman who was coughed on. She titled the video on the Lincoln subreddit, “Anti-Mask Karen Deliberately Coughing on me at South 27th Super Saver.” It was also posted on TikTok by her 13-year-old daughter, and went viral there as well. It spread on Twitter after it was shared by popular accounts like Fifty Shades of Whey, who wrote in his tweet , “COVID-denier in Nebraska coughs on shoppers at a supermarket. … This woman was last seen at a Super Saver in Lincoln, Nebraska deliberately coughing on innocent people & spraying her aerosols in the middle of a deadly pandemic.”
The 13-year-old girl’s father, who was not at the store, also shared the video on Twitter and wrote , “She instigated the whole thing. Picked a mother/child to harass. Think they just wanted to get away. Lady kept following them. Some other folks stepped in. The Super Saver they were at didn’t really do anything – tell the lady to leave/wear mask, etc.. they just broke it up.”
Here’s what you need to know about Janene Hoskovec and the viral video:

COVID-denier in Nebraska coughs on shoppers at a supermarket pic.twitter.com/Ejy9HfsshS
— Fifty Shades of Whey (@davenewworld_2) September 7, 2021
The incident occurred September 3, 2021, at the Super Saver grocery store near the South Pointe Mall on South 27th Street and Pine Lake Road, according to the woman who was coughed on along with her teen daughter. The video shows a woman pushing her shopping cart toward the woman recording and coughing multiple times. As she coughs, the woman says, “Excuse me, I’m coming through.” She then says to the woman and her daughter, “Look at you guys, you’re so cute…You’re such sheep.”
The woman recording asked the cougher why she wasn’t wearing a mask, and she replied, “Because I don’t need to have one on. I’m not sick and neither are you.” There is a mask mandate in place for all non-residential indoor spaces in Lincoln and Lancaster County, Nebraska, for both vaccinated and unvaccinated people, according to the county’s health department.
My daughter had to experience this in #lincoln #nebraska she followed them around and was #spitting on them. #karen #covid #mask #maskup #craycray #delta #spit . pic.twitter.com/8MhpBVWrSx
— RoBeastRo (@RoBeastRo) September 4, 2021
In the video, the woman ignores requests from the mother and daughter to stop coughing at them. She continues to cough multiple time and tells them, “It’s my allergies.” She then adds, “Two years ago, before anyone started talking about COVID, you were OK with that.” The video shows an employee coming up to intervene. The woman recording tells him the other woman has been coughing at them, and the cougher replies, “I have my allergies. And she got all freaked out.”
More video of crazy #karen following my daughter and her mom coughing at them. Lancaster county has a mask mandate right now. #covid #cough #lincoln #Nebraska #wtf #lnk #antimasker pic.twitter.com/Pj3lWkCfEI
— RoBeastRo (@RoBeastRo) September 5, 2021
The Reddit user who posted the video, Jessabird, said in her post,” So my kid and I were at the store tonight to pick up a few groceries when this lady approached us and said politely, ‘Excuse me,’ and to be honest I thought sh





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