Video: Falling cat gets saved by fans at Miami football game I ABC7

The most notable catch in Saturday’s game between No. 22 Miami and Appalachian State didn’t even happen on the field. Wasn’t even a football. It was a cat.


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  1. Declawed??? So you hope the fans are monsters who cause cats pain and suffering? You do know that practice is illegal in most of the civilised world? If you want a pet that does not have claws don't buy a cat!! Get a goldfish.

  2. Saved by the American flag, ladies and gentlemen boys and girls, this is a sign, that if a creature can live without fear then so can we, it's time to redeem ourselves from this curse of the covid-19, and to show it that we are not afraid we are Americans and America don't run from nothing we have Faith honor dignity courage and we are God country

  3. Can't believe they still try to steal it from him like it was a baseball look at the other guy trying to snatch it off his hands. Like if they were fighting over a foul ball or some s*** that is so crazy. Unsincere m********** just wanted some Fame and credit. Don't give two s** about no cat .


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