Video Of Urban Meyer Caught Flirting With College Students Released

On a Saturday twitter exploded after Jacksonville Jaguars head coach Urban Meyer began to trend after a video was released of him flirting with college students. Urban apparently stayed in Ohio after the Jaguars week 4 loss to the Bengals.


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  1. 🤣 😂. My man’s team is a dumpster fire and he’s out partying……. I see Jacksonville making a coaching change here soon. They should hire Matt Patricia next year.

  2. Hilarious, there’s nothing going on in the video that paints him in a bad light. He’s not advancing in her, she’s advancing on him. If anything, it’ll prolly improve his street cred with his players lol

  3. If he can get younger girls good for him! As long as they're over 18 so what let him take advantage of his celebrity status. I doubt his wife would leave him anyway. Looked like that girl was all over him not the other way around.


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