Defeats Of My Favorite Villains Part 56

Villains Quotes:

“I’m really getting into this game. I can play these losers like a violin.” – Heather
“I call it Starro the Conqueror! That’s meant to be derisive. Sorry, old chum. These two are here to kill you. It’s out of my hands.” – The Thinker
“Agent 3… You’ve noticed it’s me…! But that’s no use!” – Agent 8
“Bye bye Scott. Better luck next life!” – Commando Zoey
“I consider this a role-playing game. Today, you will be playing the part of the piñata.”- Polygon Man
“HA HA HA HA HA!!” – King MacFrights
“Getting people to act against their own self-interest for the national security of the United States is what I do for a living.” – Amanda Waller
“Yes, it is I, Steven Spoiler, on my journey to spoil the new games. First, Mario Odyssey, then Kirby Star Allies, and now Super Smash Bros. Ultimate.” -Steven Spoiler
“One bad apple, people. That’s all it takes! One bad apple and the whole barrel is spoiled! Do you want to save that barrel? Then throw out that apple. Cast it away! And if you fail to destroy that bad apple, who will carry the blame? It is said that in the town of Seek’um, every man was punished for the sins of one man. And the punishment was death!” -The Minister
“I’m taking you to the finals, so I can eat you alive!” – Lightning
“Now the Chaos Heart is mine! I will use it to destroy all worlds… And create perfect new ones! So, shall we get started? Now I have all I need… To become the king of all worlds!” – Dimentio
“I’m not your buddy, Simpson. I don’t like you. In fact, I HATE you! Stay the hell away from me, because from now on, we’re enemies.” – Frank Grimes

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  1. Heather – Total Drama Island
    The Thinker – Suicide Squad (2021)
    Agent 8 – Splatoon 2 Among Us
    Commando Zoey – Total Drama Revenge Of The Island
    Polygon Man – Playstation: All-stars
    King MacFrights – Luigi's Mansion 3
    Amanda Walker – Suicide Squad (2021)
    Steven Spoilers – The Nintendo Kid
    The Minister – Backwater Gospel
    Lighting – Total Drama Revenge Of The Island
    Dimineto – Super Paper Mario
    Frank Grimes – The Simpsons

  2. i like Heather, Agent 8, The Thinker, Zoey (Though i don't consider her a villain), Polygon Man, King MacFrights, Amanda Waller, Steven Spoiler, The Minister, Lightning, Dimentio, and Frank Grimes.


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