Fans mourn the loss of Memphis rapper Young Dolph

Fans mourn the loss of Memphis rapper Young Dolph




  1. As a student of antisocial, decadent,, criminogenic BLACK HIP HOP and RAP …. GOOD RIDDENCE!
    Do yourself a favor, study RAP and HIP HOP…. to get an idea of what poisons for America this so-called " music" are.

  2. Dolph is one of my favorite rappers…when I heard this it kinda hit like I personally knew him…whoever did this I hope you know there's a special thing God set up for you called Karma…you are the true definition of a HATER…
    Rest In Heaven Dolph…

  3. You got to rule with an iron fist these days it's as simple as that both of my daughters don't even know what an ass whooping is you couldn't pay my daughter's to go out of the house acting the way they do inside

  4. Hey I respectfully I'm not saying anything wrong but really when is everybody going to go back to real names why does everybody always have to be the same and has this world forgotten about the old school or does everybody really want to look gangster cuz over here where I live we don't look dress or act that way you will give respect to get it and you won't come around here acting like no freaking hoodlum you told guns we would know about it before you enter our area Nancy that's what happens when white and black people come together and simply want to make their neighborhood safe don't know what half of these idiots are doing playing the role of gangster and getting killed what it seems like to me don't y'all ever get tired of that s*** do what your mama and daddy tell you to do so that way you can live a good life don't be like me and not have listened as the best advice I can give to anybody as well I get so tired of seeing these videos it's always somebody getting killed every day people quit letting their kids act like adults we wouldn't have these problems

  5. Black people taking out each other the White man doesn’t have to do nothing all they have to do is sit back and laugh. Black people are the only ones holding themselves back, kind of reminds me a verse Tupac said in the song called White Manz World.

  6. Ion give no fucks !!!!!!!!!!!!! Fuck cmg and fuck yo gotti and fuck blac youngsta I’ll never bump them again on GD fuck cmg rip dolph you the real king dolph PRE stand the fuck up 💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯FUCK CMG

  7. No charges was filled every all of those shootings How was no charges and the man got shot they been waiting on him plotting they already know it was Yo Gottii Blackyounsta no talented and old boy so if somebody dont slide I dotty wanna her nothing nothing if this was the KKK or white supremist they beef over a song but cant do nothing but dick ride Jayz and send hits putting money on black artist heads

  8. If you gotta ride around in a bullet proof vehicle you are doing something you shouldn't be doing. Furthermore, Because a person does good things doesn't make him or her a good person. The bible says the devil keeps transforming himself into an Angel of the light.


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