Leaked Video Of Former NFL RB Zac Stacy In A Physical Altercation With His Baby Mama

Former Rams & Jets running back Zac Stacy is in the news for an altercation with his baby mama.


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  1. Stacy You not allowed if chicago or minnesota …This is a Warning.From this point on you are not allowed in these cities ..I don’t care how old you are .. you can’t even go to jail here

  2. You can tell by his mannerisms that he’s a big dl bisexual insecure lame idiot. I hope the DA in the district where this happened makes an example out of him. That was attempted murder. He wanted to kill her.

  3. He needs to be in prison,for a long time.If this woman was black,he would be dead right now.He knows she doesn't,have a support system.This isn't his first time,beating her.She deserves justice.

  4. He's clearly in the video stating she had an affair with his health instructor. Not defending him putting hands on her, but see how you handle knowing your lady just had your baby and was cheating the whole time with someone close to you


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