RAW: Bodycam video shows attempted “su!c!de by cop”

***WARNING: This video may be disturbing to some viewers. Discretion is advised.***

Police released video footage of the Jan. 21, 2017 nonfatal police shooting of Austin Snodgrass. Fort Collins Police Services Officer Matt Brede was cleared of criminal charges Feb. 7, and Snodgrass was sentenced to Community Corrections in September for crimes related to what he later called an attempt at “su!c!de by cop.”


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  1. American cops are disgusting in the practice u cuff s dead body we spit on your grave ! Pos u have a shot man and no medical attention police the police and tell them how we want there jobs done or don’t be a cop

  2. Everyone's saying that the guy was dead and the cops are stupid for saying don't move, but he wasn't and people can still do stuff if there shot, you gotta prepare for the worst situation

  3. Cops: weak, chicken sh🖕t scared and panicking of a dying person lying face down on the ground after shooting him.
    Shaking and frail limps holding their lost of masculinity in their tiny hands.
    Fat pack of insecure bullies.


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