A Katie Thurston Bachelorette ATFR Spoiler was accidentally leaked and it says ALOT about the results of the show.

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  1. I agree Dave. I think it's hype for the show. He is WAY too professional to make such a rookie mistake. Also, production holds the ring until the end, so they gave it to Katie ON PURPOSE for the men-tell-all. This was all on purpose. Enjoy your vacation!

  2. I think the ring looks perfect for her. Katie’s a small woman, having too big of a ring would probably be too much for her. I wonder if Neil Lane does a consultation with the bachelorettes at the beginning to know their preference, but maybe it’s just different budgets each year, they are doing an extra bachelorette season this year so that’s gotta split some of the budget.

  3. I just don’t see Blake wanting to get engaged let alone married right now. I really hope she isn’t with him and hope Gregg or Michael A end up with her even if it happens at ATFR…

  4. Ok, this is for Tasha and unrelated to the Bachelorette! I’m a physical therapist. I would recommend elevating and putting ice on your ankle (about 15 mins at a time) a few times a day. While elevated pump the ankle up and down to help with swelling. Soft tissue injuries like a sprained ankle takes about 4-6 weeks to fully heal. (Assuming nothing is fractured since you can bear weight on it.) Hope it heals on the quicker side!

  5. Awwww u guys r so damn cute! First time seeing you two tog- had to go follow ur insta acc bec ur just so damn funny and loving how hilarious u been on vacay ❤️❤️

  6. Do you think that maybe Katie wore a diamond just to throw everyone off? She’s pretty smart, so I don’t know if she would risk wearing the ring in case someone did take a picture. I don’t know, it’s just a thought.

  7. Tasha is such a natural beauty. I love how her attitude is still good even though she sprained her ankle. Looks like you both are having a great vacation. Thanks for sharing. I know this has nothing to do with your video, but I couldn’t help but notice how positive her energy is considering the fact that she’s injured.

  8. I think Katie is one of the best most honest and amazing Bachelorette of all time. She seems ready and gives us way more content than any of the recent bachelors! She's great. I'm hoping she finds her forever after!!!

  9. ALSO on kailyn bristow's podcast, in the beginning, she said "our fur babies" our being plural and fur babies being plural. As you know, Katie only has ONE cat and Blake has a cat too 🤔

  10. Regardless of the size of the ring, IT’S FREE! Even if it’s not my style (I would just like a silver band) I would still want the largest one so I could sell it one day with my fiancé


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