'This is serious': Parent, student react to Oxford High School shooting

Three people were killed and six others were injured in a shooting at Oxford High School. Read the latest information here: https://www.clickondetroit.com/news/local/2021/11/30/oxford-high-school-on-lockdown-due-to-emergency-situation/

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  1. Maybe he was being bullied often by other students & he just wanted retaliation maybe he planned this like all right y'all gonna keep on messing with me I'll show y'all not to mess with me anymore maybe he didn't tell anyone maybe he/she was a loner & got bullied & bullied

  2. Okay let me tell you the mother is right School isn't safe at all period including letting your kids go on social media or having Smartphones these are devices adults should be using they should ID like tobacco or alcohol. All kids are not monitored professionally in Schools and all devices should be off during classroom sessions. All of this was restricted when I was in Highschool I see how spoiled even smaller kids are with Smartphones and it's very dumb for a parent to even Spoil there kids with one. The only thing I use the Internet for now is Streaming and Gaming which is basically it that 15 year old needs to know what a criminal is he can have all the atterney's he wants he know his crime was murder. Kids learn from my comment SHOOTING SOMEONE DOESN'T SOLVE YOUR PROBLEMS!!!!

  3. Where are the parents of this 15 year old sociopath ??
    They lawyered up real quick ..
    Instead worrying about the students who
    Were killed ..
    Obviously the parents are worthless assholes And need to be held accountable and go to prison for life !

  4. People throwing deer heads into the school quad is not a normal day at school. 15 year old having un-supervised access to semiauto handgun is dubious. Sounds like some gang activity is being coated over


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