Every Leak YOU Need To Know For Fortnite In 2022!

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Chapters –

0:00 Intro
0:46 New POI, and not so new ones
2:53 Slone and Story Additions
3:51 Rideable Beasts
5:09 New Weapons
6:08 New Items
7:01 Weather Dynamics
826 Conclusion
8:48 Outro

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  1. This is not the rancor pit?
    Or is it?
    I just hope we get a Fennec Shand Skin…like…common…they can not tease both on an image, just to only give us one of them…
    IDC…I like her…there are people that would want here in the game as well…so yeah…

  2. 🔥Friendly reminder that builds that are on fire are unable to be edited. So if you are packing some fireflies or a flare gun and your enemy boxes up. Feel free to trap them in their own box by setting it on fire so they can't escape. Likely securing you an easy kill 🔥

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