Finally a Leak! Guild Battle Update? New Cookies? What is Coming?! | Cookie Run Kingdom

Hey guys! Finally a new LEAK has been shared to the public for the next Cookie Run Kingdom update! This is a huge update that everyone has been waiting for and from the image, we are able to see that we may be able to get TWO new cookies and a guild boss battle update! There is nothing else that we know of as of now, but I think even this is just enough for us to be excited for the next update which is also the 1st Anniversary update for Cookie Run Kingdom! I hope you guys are all excited and hope you guys enjoy and find the video helpful!
Credit: @ND러너, koffeebeecookie (twitter), JulioGuti (Discord), Syphus (Discord)

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  1. The Girl Looks Like Espresso And Latte…. 1st: Lattes Hair And Eyes
    2nd: She Has Glasses Like Espresso… Is That Their Mother??? (it's not verified that their there mother it's just a theory.. For now…)

  2. just my bet, i think its going to be a new epic and legendary cookie rollout. the cookie with monocle being an epic (hopefully a bomber since we only have 1 epic bomber), and possibly the white haired cookie a legendary with charge as his role


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