I Have To Stop Bullying OnlyFans Girls ☹

Apparently, I’m being too harsh towards OnlyFans models…
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  1. “She’s not a wh*re or a bad person she’s someone with a job.”

    Oh yes, making a bunch of people simp for you and donate their life savings to you and showing off your body to them really makes you a person with a job not a wh*re. Her job IS BEING A WH*RE. IS IT THAT HARD TO UNDERSTAND?

  2. For the love of, Optimus this isn’t your fault. It’s because in 2020to the concept of criticism doesn’t exist everything that goes against some thing is automatically negative so says the modern person. Just continue to call out narcissism because God knows no one else is

  3. You keep doing you Optimus. I enjoy seeing your content. I don’t get how people come up with such huge misconceptions of your videos, and trash talk you on something you DIDN’T even do that they accused you of. In fact I find some of your videos straight up hilarious. You content continues to entertain me and others here on this channel. 10/10.


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