My thoughts on the World of Warcraft 10.0 expansion LEAK!

Legit or fake? Exciting or boring? My thoughts in today’s video. Let me know what you think too.

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Thanks for watching, see you all next time! 😀


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  1. So Dragon Isles is an original zone not released. Blizz back to their crap tricks. Cannot come up with original content, so release a developed zone already and make content based on "Re-living old content". Another crap money grab.

  2. It's hard not to be skeptical about leaks, no matter how reasonable they sound. Especially leaks that include most of what many players have been asking for given Blizzard's record over the past few expansions. Agree on the non-dragon form sounding sketchy. In any case I guess we'll know for sure when the first announcements and the early trailer for 10.0 drop.

  3. Ok. First let me say: I'm pretty biased against Blizz, esp. with all the allegations and all that.

    That being said, this 'leak', if it's true, just seems so desperate and a little" let me see your homework". Which is nothing new for them. "A love letter to Azeroth" combined with the "conclusion to the ten-year saga" is too on the nose.

    The idea that Azeroth is gonna be born anew (so the players are meeting the 'will of the planet') and that she's "brand" new and doesn't understand emotions is just dollar store Hydaelyn/Meteion. I wouldn't be surprised if she experiences "depression" because of all the bad vibes around her that people have suffered, and the players have to help her cope. -.-

    Overall, I don't think the WoW team is up to making the game likable let alone loved again. The 'new' grind system is gonna be hated. the new story doesn't seem like it'll pay off in any form because there's no 'goal'. It's ok to have a big bad, but build them up over years like Sargeras and don't try to shoehorn them into all aspects of the lore.


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