New Genuinely Legit sounding Expansion Leak – Dragon Isles

Another day, another World of Warcraft 10.0 new expansion leak, but this one – Dragon Isles: Azeroth has Awoken! – has lots of elements about it that genuinely sound pretty feasible. taliesin checks out the new leak and gives his opinion on the pre-patch, birth of Azeroth, world-shaping and playable black dragons!

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  1. I still think Draenor is the planet Eonar came from. The native population being just plants that almost overran the planet to the point of destruction seems on point for a planet gestating a nascent Eonar.

  2. …someone started writing fanfiction and then it ran massively out of control. At least that would be a better explanation for why at least half of this "leak" makes even less sense than usual

  3. "As long as they're sexy, it'll be fine" That is how it is, isn't it? Meanwhile here I am after Endwalker staring at all the Emet fans like, "There's still no excuse for doing countless atrocities over the course of like twenty thousand years!"

  4. I broke my X button during this. I cannot doubt harder.

    Some of this sounds like a fun idea but I don't see Blizzard doing Galakrond. Mostly because how are they going to market him to China. It is literally a slap in their beliefs. An undead dragon….yeah not going to fly when they won't allow less serious things in.

    I really like your version of dragons. I don't mind dragons being a part of the story but they should be majestic. Not just plot devices.

  5. If there's one thing I want out of this fake it's that Azeroth Being Born fully rendered cinematic, that sounds dope as hell. I'd also absolutely be down with an Azeroth-focused expansion with heavy use of zone phasing that we totally terraform the zones positively as we progress through them.

  6. No hope left for the lore but all this content sounds sick as hell. Hopefully if this is a thing, they execute it properly, but again, I’m worried it’ll just be another huge disappointment at some point.

  7. Would of preferred a more bipedal actual dragon class, reptilian given we neve got Naga etc but whatev. Honestly the cosmetics here going to be lame. So I pick a tauren warrior and add horns atop more horns? heh

  8. Of all the fake leaks I have seen over the years, this one is the most plausible. Which is not to say it's real, just that it actually reads more like real leaks we have seen. I give it a solid 40% chance of being based in some version of reality.

  9. Weren’t the storm dragons in Stormheim basically the sort of dragons you were talking about? Never taking a mortal form, some of them (Nithogg) believing they could usurp the Keepers?

  10. We got like 3 options for how World Souls work

    1. Transformers: the Titan is literally the planet itself
    2. MCU: the Titan has a massive physical form that will destroy the planet when it emerges
    3. Titans’ physical forms are just projections of their cosmic spirit or something like that and what’s inside Azeroth is just her incorporeal essence and it’ll have no affect on the planet when she’s born

  11. Like if we ended up going to the Dragon Isles a new continent within the World of Azeroth itself. I much would be happy to see that anyday within the Warcraft Lore than something that isn't Warcraft at all in terms of Shadowlands that isn't Warcraft. People say that Pandaria isn't warcraft but Shadowlands where the Villain is boring as sin is the True Title of a Warcraft that isn't Warcraft Fantasy MMORPG in General. Its just a Action MMO with nothing RPG about it.

    I hope the Next Expansion will be 10 times better than Shadowlands. But I'll have to wait and see because Blizzard is known for breaking promises and what not.

  12. See this would be a genuinely good and fun expansion, with things players genuinely would dream of being able to do. Thats why I feel Blizz wont do it. Anything the player base want, is almost what Blizz work against.
    Legion was the only Expac that feels like they gave us what we want.

  13. Sadly, I was there when it was made. There's a Discord server made just for people making up their own versions of World of Warcraft, or how they would fix it. Someone very talented in this stuff written up there, hoping to start the new rumor. Guess it worked out.

  14. Leaks are phony. They are written by failed writers who could not write their way out of bag. Please do not believe it. This person is snorting whiskey and drinking cocaine. Just like leaks for Shadowlands and other expansions.

  15. Always thought class based on the dragons would be cool. That way you can choose any race, but extra customizations that include horns, claws, scales, or tattoos. Each spec would represent an Aspect or couple aspects. Also thought they could change into dragons, but they can just draw their powers from dragons kind of like the Dragon Slayers from Fairy Tail. I thought of the name Dragon Warrior.

  16. Dragons assuming mortal form has huge precedence in global dragon lore, especially Chinese lore and in Dungeons and Dragons, where Silver Dragons and Gold Dragons are natural shapeshifters. Warcraft is hardly unique for this, and if anything, they play heavily into the D&D version where the good dragons mostly assume human form and the villains (with the exception of Onxyia, Nelfarian, and Deathwing) are seen in dragon form almost exclusively.

  17. Some stuff are indeed interesting but I have two issues. First, we know (or knew) that there must always be a Lich King because otherwise, the Scourge, without anyone to control them, will flood every kingdom. Now we don't have a Lich King so I presume the dead have already become a major problem back "home" while we try to deal with the Jailer. Then you have the Black Empire. If BfA was indeed the end of N'Zoth and the Old Gods then we are talking about the most anticlimactic ending of all time. But if the Old Gods are back and the Scourge is uncontrolled then yes, we might need to "reset" the world. But we all know that Blizzard "kinda forgot these details" and are retconning most of the story to fit their new "ideas". I really home I am wrong though…

    P.S. The dragon class could work like the Demon Hunters (with a bit different mechanics though). Have our character transform into a dragon or a humanoid "dragon" for a small period of time and on a cooldown of 3, more or less, minutes.


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