The Kristen Hancher Interview: From Tiktok to Onlyfans, Getting Banned & More

Kristen Hancher went from Musically to Tiktok and built her following for years! She talks about her come up, transitioning to OnlyFans, her ex manager stealing from her, her new music and more!






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  1. 1:40 Kicked out of her house when she was 16
    2:04 The struggle was super real back in Canada to go to school
    3:31 Started making money on social media at 15
    4:01 Starting on Musically and blowing up
    5:03 Her very first Musically video went viral
    5:41 The before and after Musically, the transition from being a regular teen to a viral teen
    7:03 Her first manager Dooney Battle was scum and stole money from her, giving her crumbs
    8:06 "F___ Dooney"
    9:16 Started to make money when she moved to LA around 17 y/o
    9:55 Better relationship with her parents after she was kicked out of her home
    10:35 Kristen and her mom don't get along and they beef a lot
    11:19 "We're both hard headed"
    12:01 She used to dance at a high level until her scoliosis operation
    12:49 Doing livestream on some app and discovering the dark side of the web
    13:18 Followers found her address when she was only 14
    14:30 Went to acting school but didn't like the real world of acting
    15:57 Used to be signed with 10K and tried to make her do tinybop music
    17:55 Really into dubstep, working with Insomniac
    18:42 "I used to be a druggy when I was younger until a terrible instance"
    19:08 "I used to take molly all the time"
    19:25 Kristen had a near death heart attack because of a weed pen
    20:48 Living with terrible panic attacks forced her to stay at home, she was 18 at the time
    23:41 Taking xans and drinking on the plane, screaming and being super loud on the plane
    25:38 Kristen hasn't been to the doctor in like 12 years
    27:42 Kristen needs to be in a relationship, heavily codependent
    28:44 Having "hoe phases" for a few days in between relationships
    30:54 Been in a relationship for 2 years, getting married next year
    31:07 Her ex Andrew ruined her life and really did her dirty
    31:50 Andrew never had a job and lived on her dime, he was abusive in every sense of the way
    32:40 Her boyfriend now is awesome and a great guy
    34:30 Started OF while stuck in Canada before coming back to the US
    35:12 Signing up to OF while living back with her parents, warned her dad about starting OF
    36:29 Getting the most money she's ever gotten since the first month she signed up
    36:54 Hates Youtube stopped uploading a long time ago
    37:36 Answering her own messages at first on OF, now she's subscriber based
    38:17 Making OF content with her boyfriend, first bj video recently
    42:07 People having a hard time picturing her doing adult content, Logan Paul being disappointed hurt Kristen
    43:03 Looking up to Logan, him commenting on her adult content was hard for her to take in
    44:28 Never dated Logan Paul: "F__ no!"
    44:40 Banned from Tiktok at 26 million followers for loosely promoting her OF
    46:29 Talked to Tiktok tried to get her account back, they didn't care
    47:05 Calling out Tiktok and how they got popular because of influencers like Kristen, used to be really cool with the Musically team before they changed it to Tiktok
    48:11 Used to help Musically when they started up, doing meetings with them etc
    49:40 Videos removed now on Tiktok even fully clothed
    54:00 Being at a very good place in her life, in love, making money, family life is great
    54:56 Working on her clothing line
    58:13 Lived at Team 10 house for 8 months, it was terrible towards the end, team members used to peep through her window and watch her have s*x

  2. I had to take public transportation! I grew up rough! Oh and smoked weed. My mom hated it but now (when it's legal) my brother and dad smoke!

    Yeah dude I'm sure ecru parents wasn't too happy with their CHILD smoking an illegal (at the time) substances lol

  3. I wasn't feeling her at first, for some reason… but then after like 10min of listening & watching her conduct the rest of the interview, she convinced me otherwise. I think she's a down, cool AF chick. She's perfect for long term relationship because her personality alone invites you to be tight, close friends with her. Like you can tell her secrets and she'll keep it G not speak of it, build trust, go clubbing/drinking together, play video games (learn from each other) and this friendship can obviously lead to being involved sexually, and establishing a title from the relationship. She can kick it like 1 of the guyz, down 4 wuteva, and I'm down with that. Keep doin' ya thang Kristen, you're sexy, friendly, honest, and been through a lot, so surviving from that trauma, u deserve everything good in your life. Chin Up & Chest Out babygirl !! @KristenHancher

  4. She seemed cool at first now she just seems salty about her content getting banned and deleted. People only care when it happens to them, everyone should have been offended when it happened to the very first people long ago…but now no one cares..

  5. She seems hella cool and down to earth…in spite of the whole influencer trend we’re living through. She’s young but has her head on right and is living her best life. This is my first time hearing anything abt her, but she has super dope ass energy.


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