THIS is the NEW Expansion!? Asmongold Reacts to WoW 10.0 Leak

Asmongold reacts to a potential next expansion for World of Warcraft The Dragon Isles that was posted earlier today on MMO Champion. New FURRY dragon form for EVERY player!? The post claims to be a legit Blizz leak from WoW developer Discord server. Asmongold shares his true thoughts on the hypothetical WoW 10.0, its customization resembling FFXIV (Final Fantasy 14), and what he would love to see from Blizzard in the next expansion following Patch 9.2 Eternity’s End.

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INTRO 0:00
Asmongold’s COVID Experience 1:12
WoW 10.0 Leak 5:23


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  1. cant wait for the new expansion!
    They are always really good for the first like 6 months, then idk what they do to fuck it up. most mmos follow that pattern though.

  2. So literally chasing the dragon, I realized I was doing that after wotlk. Even all these years later I’m still looking at it. I don’t quite reach for it….but the pull is always there.

  3. Take care dude. I've had Covid19 when it first started and the first thing, I noticed was shortness of breath. I believe I would've been sent to ER if I had any heart or respiratory problems.

  4. Man, it would have been so cool to play through WoW as a singleplayer RPG without all the busywork that just focused on unraveling the lore. I can never help but go down a wiki rabbit hole reading it all, but it's so crippled by having to slog through MMO content to explore it in a game world. I remembered the Master's Glaive way back in vanilla and having no idea what it was, then reading about it in the lore and thinking it was so fascinating to just put some mysterious remains of an Old God harbinger right there in a lowbie zone that the majority of the playerbase wouldn't even know, just looking at it and wondering, like an actual fledgling adventurer.

  5. Only thing I'd take for real is the cinematic. Mix the OG cinematic for OG Nostalgia milk, and then add the dragon-reveal-thing for the sweet WotLK cinematic Nostalgia milk.


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