10 killed in Buffalo, NY shooting labeled as hate crime

A white 18-year-old wearing military gear and livestreaming with a helmet camera opened fire with a rifle at a supermarket in Buffalo, killing 10 people and wounding three others Saturday in what authorities described as “racially motived violent extremism.”

The gunman wore body armor and military-style clothing during the attack on mostly Black shoppers and workers at Tops Friendly Market. For at least two minutes, he broadcast the shooting live on the streaming platform Twitch before the service ended his transmission.


Police said he shot 11 Black victims and two who were white before surrendering to police. Later, he appeared before a judge in a paper medical gown and was arraigned on murder charges.

Full Story: https://www.wkyc.com/article/news/nation-world/multiple-people-shot-at-buffalo-supermarket/507-ff0d3195-b5c8-40c1-a5fd-1b016fd8e4a3

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  1. Respect and love to everyone effected by this. However do not base your worthless ass gun control argument on the lives of lost people. What would have happened if the people inside the door heard the shots outside and they had weapons? If more people where able to use weapons in self defemce tgis would have never happened and all evidence proves this. I hope all effected are ok to the best of their ability but the ones who use tgeir dead loved ones as a way to push some worthless agenda are garbage

  2. This is A TERRORIST ATTACK by white, christian, and neo nazi kid who decided to victimize, hurt and terrorize black American who are victims in USA over and over. You blacks in America, you have to find a solution for your problems. Don’t wait anyone and anymore. White Politicians and Security are part of the problem. My condolences to family, friends and Black Americans❤️

  3. Wow, you people are Crazy. People can’t shoot a bullet. Only a gun can. Don’t blame him. Just like a driver can’t run over Christian Parade goers. He doesn’t have wheels. Let’s be honest here. Btw, Did I miss seeing an Outraged Joe Biden in Waukesha Wi.? Huh

  4. Quite interesting how it's never hatred, bigotry, intolerance, or anything akin when someone states, "I don't hate you. I hate the sin." Quite interesting, indeed. Suddenly, wrong becomes right. Like magic. Pulse Nightclub.

  5. so tell me, I don't understand why you don't like being killed by all sorts of fascists decorated with fascist symbols, and at the same time you supply weapons to the same Ukrainian fascists, murderers of peaceful people of Donbass, against whom the Russian army is fighting, because it is impossible to pacify them by other methods, just like and ISIS fighters in Syria.They have been delaying peace negotiations for eight years, all the while continuing to kill, rob and rape civilians of Donbass who do not agree with their fascist coup in Ukraine in the same way.Explain to me, maybe I'm a fool, and I don't understand something in this life, I have cognitive dissonance from what is happening.Is this a double standard of your democracy?When this happens to you, you whine that it's not human, and when the same fascists kill people in another country, you send them weapons, at your own expense, so that they kill even more peaceful people.Moreover, for the sake of this, you are ready to endure the consequences of your sanctions, so long as fascists and murderers in another country remain unpunished and win with your help.So maybe then, according to your democracy, it is right that such fascists kill you?This is democracy, who wants to rape, who wants to kill?Release then this fascist, because he does everything in accordance with your democracy.

  6. Tucker Carlson is responsible for this Fox News oan are responsible for this we need to rally up go over to the Fox headquarters and put pressure on the real people responsible for everything the government don't do shit their donors do we need to go to them the real kings and queens of this damn country and Black people please arm up you guys gotta protect yourself it's ridiculous already the police a partisan you are my fellow Democrats I don't want this happening to you these Republicans need a reckoning already these cops let this kid live while they're killing people on traffic stops while they're shooting grandmothers in their home while they're pulling over college buses to show them who still the master we need to do something this is too much taking our rights taking our freedoms I'm sick of it if you stand with Republicans you are no longer American you're a traitor

  7. That's odd. Back in November when Darrell Brooks (a black man) drove his SUV into a Christmas parade, plowing down perfectly innocent people (white people), the media never mentioned that Brooks was black and that all of his victims were white. It was as though, the victims all just "happened" to be white and that it was not a racially charged or "hate" crime. Dozens of Grandparents and children were seriously injured and 5 people were left dead by Brooks. Brooks had shared pro-Hitler memes and called for violence against white people. The hypocrisy of the Left and the media is staggering.

  8. gotta admit his aim was absolutely beautiful tho. he was head shotting moving people with no problem. and he also had mercy on a guy that was afraid and said sorry to him 😂 it was kinda funny

  9. Why are Americans upset? This guy is just as much a Nazi as those guys from the "Azov" in Ukraine, whom the United States supplies with weapons. The US sponsors Nazism – the US gets the consequences

  10. 10 people killed and three injuries is indeed tragic! All the media outlets are labelling this as a Hate Crime! Of Course it is! Killing anyone regardless of Race is a hate crime. Even if it's just one person! Arson, Assult, Murder and Rape are all Hate Crimes!


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