WWE Landmark Statement Update on SASHA BANKS and NAOMI WALKING OUT on WWE RAW

WWE Releasing a Monumental Statement and UPDATE on Sasha banks and Naomi Leaving and Walking out on WWE RAW instead of having their scheduled Match.
Absolutely Bombshell WWE NEWS.



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  1. wwe can always produce a new star if they want to,sasha can do whatever she want since shes snoopdogg relatives,rich,have asian husband,black and its a she/her,can be in movies whatever,no loss for her as well.

  2. 0:56 when they mentioned this and threw kayfabe out the fucking window and the last paragraph

    It's legit… respect to Sasha and Naomi for keeping it real and sticking up for women's wrestling šŸ‘ šŸ™Œ šŸ’Ŗ

  3. Only people who think this is huge news are those who don't know true professional wrestling. They referenced it on the show moments after. It is obviously a work, as most of Sasha Banks storylines have been, smh

  4. If this a work/scripted, i hope this execute and end very well. If its not, yeah womens tag team in wwe must be fix. Like why NXT Womens tag done well and Main Roster Womens tag is bad. WWE must do something serious about womens main roster, single or double

  5. I guess we'll find out either tomorrow night during WWE NXT or Friday night during Friday Night SMACKDOWN!!!!!!! Rather it WAS a real walkout or a part of the final show matches and storyline?

  6. Sasha has been treated like garbage for years, pretty much after she bursted onto the scene as the new age Wwe superstar sheā€™s been booked to lose mania match after mania match and short title run after short title run and pretty much zero creativity when sheā€™s booked. I get her frustration and wish Vince booked her better but itā€™s fine by the time Charlotte Flair retires sheā€™ll have been champ at least 30 times ! Great job Vince


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