Nelson Piquet calls LEWIS HAMILTON the little N WORD in interview FOOTAGE | Translation included

Nelson Piquet calls LEWIS HAMILTON the little N WORD in interview FOOTAGE | Translation included

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34 thoughts on “Nelson Piquet calls LEWIS HAMILTON the little N WORD in interview FOOTAGE | Translation included”
  1. He said little black Guy.
    That’s not the same as N word. Nikita Mazapin was exposed to a far greater display of racism, just for being Russian … where was Hamilton’s virtue signalling for Nikita. BLM only? The rest don’t matter?

  2. Ah but it's okay for black people to use the N word is it? It's not 1 rule for them and another for us unless their is a law on a word its free speech that's wat he is as I'm sure he uses that term with his other hommies as they all do. But if we use it its racist get Fu*ked

  3. It is most definitely NOT the N-word. Ask a Brazilian before you make your race bating video.
    Depending on the context it can be a term of endearment, I've been call that myself many times by dear friends.
    Understand that words may not have the same connotation in different languages.
    However, I admit that if it was me I would not have used the word in the formal setting of a TV interview. That was dumb but not necessarily racist.
    Plus I am not surprised, Piquet is an idiot.

  4. Have you noticed that the word [ neguinho ] doesn't get censored ? That's because it literally means "little black guy (or child)" in Portugese.
    Also notice that the word [ f*due ] DOES get censored, because that's [ fudue ] and yes that means fucked.
    The supposed N-word doesn't get censored and the F-word does ?
    So there you have it.

    Now here is a REAL translation of that part of the interview

    I : … that what Verstappen had with Hamilton was kind of similar to the one he [ Senna I presume ] had at I think it was in England.
    P: At Silverstone?
    The little black guy just put the car in and left it (there) …
    I : But that's what Senna did…
    P: No, Senna wouldn't (didn't) do that, Senna (always) went straight out. Straight (out).
    I : Do you think he [ Hamilton I presume ] wouldn't have made (done) that corner?
    P: Would (Did) he?
    I : Got it.
    P: No, he went to stop, like, "I'll get him here anyway."
    The little black guy didn't back off (left the car), and it's a curve.
    That's 'cause you don't know the bend.
    It's a very high curve, there's no way you can pass two cars, and there's no way you can drive the car next to each other (it).
    I : Got it
    P: He plays dirty.
    I : He plays dirty?
    P: Now, lucky only the other one gets fucked.
    (( Translated with (free version) with some small changes to make it more READABLE ! ))

    Now, I'm from The Netherlands and we have the N-word too, only spelled with two k's . But we also have the word Neger, which comes from the Latin word Negro, which means black.
    The line is very thin, I know.
    But let's not assume from translation ONE word that we know ALL about the context or the person saying that word.

    Keep it civil please

  5. Neguinho doesn't mean the n-word. How are other ppl who don't know the language gonna control another ppl language ???
    As if English was the only language the world is allowed to use stay mad Lulu stans.

  6. Rubbish. In portuguese that does NOT mean the N word att ALL. As you said. You didn’t understand anything. Will give an opinion on something you have absolutely no clue about?

  7. People must be so bored to actully give a shit about this crap, there is literally a world war on the dawn and all people can talk about on the radio is some bag of bones saying the N word…

  8. The word is not wrong per se but his demeanour is the issue when he said it and the other thing is that it wasn't necessary to bring up the colour of the Lewis' skin. Now taking into account the "incident" with Lewis in Silverstone was fresh (the one that caused Verstappen to crash with 51G against the barrier) and he was probably VERY upset at the time, he brought up the word negrinho in a derogatory way… I'd rate it as low key racist, he didn't go full racist to call him preto, but in context sounds racist enough to me.

  9. If you have to use Google translate to make your argument you really shouldn't put your nose into things, if anyone wants a proper translation of what piquet said and probably meant go to Charlie veich channel, he actually speaks that language and explains it perfectly

  10. We have to be so careful when we translate things, as we have to keep in mind that there is a context and history for every word or phrase. Unless you are a native speaker, you will never completely understand the exact meaning of the word used by Piquet (I certainly don't). But especially famous people should watch their thoughts and language since they reach so many different ears and they should know better how their statements might make those at the receiving end feel.

  11. Genuine question – is 'affirmative action' racial abuse against white people (this isn't connected with this case, it's an interesting subject) I know a lot of white people who feel racially abused by affirmative action adverts etc

  12. One must analyze the context from a Brazilian Portuguese "everyday" context to understand what was said. In Brazil the, terms such as: "neguinho," "alemão" "polaco" véio" is used as non-racial, non-bias; but rather an endearing descriptive term. As a result, in my opinion, the "VÉIO Piquet" did nothing wrong. Hence this is nothing short of what we describe in America as race-baiting.

  13. As a Brazilian, I know that this term is widely used in Brazil and does not have the same “weight” as it does in the US, however, the way Nelson Piquet, knowing this, pronounced himself addressing Lewis was unnecessary and purposeful, clearly trying to “despise him”. One hell of a mistake.

  14. dude, you must change the content of your video, you don’t understand e you won’t our vocabulary. i’m a black brazilian guy and i believe piquet didn’t want offense him

  15. For all the dummies calling this “politics” and trying to separate from the sport -that’s not how life works. Somebody who has been in Red Bulls paddock and with whom the current champion presumably spends a reasonable amount of time called an active F1 champ a racial slur.

  16. sad thing is, racism will always be part of life. amerika germany zuid afrika isael australia the netherlands belgium polen thjech spain ect ect ect, have al the same problem with racism, and some place black people are the victem and some place white people are the victem!

  17. Meanwhile.rappers :-
    Sup my niqqa, yo niqqa, bust a cap in yo ass niqqa. Safe niqqa etc etc etc etc
    (Deadly silence from the unhinged)

    Hes not talking english why are we using english terminology to determine what he said.
    (Unhinged throw hissy fit)

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