New Images Reveal Miles Bridges Wife's Bruises | His NBA Career in Jeopardy

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  1. 🙏🏾 for mychelle and the kids. They shouldn’t have to go through that but his nba career should be over. Dude choked her out and gave her brain damage. Being a great hooper < being a good/decent person

  2. Hornets drafted two stupid look alike forwards that I couldn’t tell who was who for years. They’re both idiots in their individual lives

  3. This dude has problems! He busted his ass to have a career year just so he could get paid, throws all that away by putting hands on his wife IN FRONT OF THEIR KIDS! The fact she called the cops right away and went to the hospital to document her injuries gives me no reason to put her in doubt. His agent got his work cut out to convince teams he deserves max money.


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