shamar.mcco's Roach infested kitchen drawer

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23 thoughts on “shamar.mcco's Roach infested kitchen drawer”
  1. I don't knock everybody with roaches because sometimes they're there before you get there
    But this man is clearly nasty dishes ain't washed stuff on the counter and his white cabinets are black has he ever heard of Lysol bleach 409 Dawn dish detergent

  2. My mama said people who have ? have demons…. Or was that her way of making sure that I didn’t keep a nasty house?? It worked! I want to jump through my phone with bleach, Pine Sol , and my Gospel playlist turned up on MAX! ? Jesus!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Yall i have ocd its a condition that I get anxiety when a home , car ,bedroom is dirty I can’t help it and this makes me wanna break my phone lookibg how dirty his house is

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