Wak100 Speaks On Takeoff Passing Away Over Dice Game In Houston


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49 thoughts on “Wak100 Speaks On Takeoff Passing Away Over Dice Game In Houston”
  1. When it comes to a Life, you base morals on the term, snitch? Sadly, when it hits home, people prefer the term witness. Hood people always wanna fall into the oppression of snitching.

  2. Man RIP Takeoff ?..

    But @4:48 this dumb lady gone say “KOVO” (Quavo) .. I highly dislike when people speak on shit they have no idea about. Like just shut up and listen lady, you just wanna hear yourself on clubhouse ??‍♂️?.

  3. WHO GIVES A FFFF!!! what information he gave, see this is the SHHHHT!!! we all talking about have to stop happening ???!!! You can't be on the positive SHHHT!!! and in the same breath worried about who said what???especially, if their civilian!!!!

  4. I get it it's ok he got killed by his own race, it is what it is right? He's popular right? But if it was a white person or cops that's a whole different story now it's he's a intelligent respectful innocent man he didn't deserve to get murdered. But since it's his own race it is what it is that's the norm around here can someone explain to me what's the difference?

  5. That's the F'n problem talking about he just dried snitch I can't stand the MFRS on clubhouse that be with wack. These California people that be on clubhouse all clowns and they don't even try to tell the real story they always wanna put a twist on stuff. Clowns everyone in that room. The Brod too

  6. Does it matter that it was Takeoff? Cause really plenty of young black dudes died that night. I can say that if I was rich I wouldn't be hanging out with randos in random places…

  7. Why is a millionaire out shooting dice in the streets with people he didn’t know y’all got to do better get your show money and go home nobody has to prove they still gangsta or street to anybody the game will always be the same the only thing that changes is the players

  8. WACK-This gang shit is buckshot

    WACK 2 MINUTES LATER-Oh he Dry Snitching.
    SMH there lies the problem. Even when u can identify something is bullshit u still operate under the same stupid ass code.

  9. exactly niggaz gangsta till they come out the studio .that dude have no common sense look how irrelevant he been lookin for how long God gave them way long to do right.he dont fukk wit nobody kuz he was irrelevant like all the shyt he kicked den he wanna smoke his weed rap irrelevant n smile god got him bak

  10. This is not no rap thing the media trying spin all these rappers running with he clearly was at a private party amongst other ppl with money so what we talking about? He allegedly died over a dice game and nobody talking or speaking out no clues but it was at a private party we all
    know what's up this ain't no PB situation it's not like takeoff was targeted or robbed

  11. That's the same thing I said the most quiet one in the room, who kept his self away from drama. Only time he was in the spotlight was if it was music related. Rip bro, prayers go out to your family. That wasn't dry that was wet snitching. He trying to sale his story

  12. Kali always want someone to kkeck in…. How about this lets open the communications lines up between the homies Wack whenever you on the east coast from Ga to Ny Check in with me…..look me up BLOOD

  13. My government name is my profile name….fuck all that I’m 35 years old , on Bloods bro, wack100 you a plate on the east coast my rims is Solidified bro but blood you always have something to say about the streets but you not out here in the streets you are a money gangster…..I live by them laws bro , real life G-Code 500 degrees, come to VA to NY I promise we will meet….all you gotta do is say my name blood I’m there asap

  14. Dear “Black Community” we need to get our shit together as staff group and a Mfing record label. I’m sick of seeing this shit man..to many of Yah children are dying for NOTHING BY OUR OWN PEOPLE!!! this black in black crime needs to stop…

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