Migos (Quavo & Takeoff) Involved In Houston Shooting, 3 Dead No Suspects (Crime Scene Footage)

From initial information that was given to us, Quavo linked up with a few of his friends on the Northside of Houston in the greater Fifth Ward. Hours later, the pair and their friends headed in town to South Houston for a private gathering to celebrate the birthday of Jas Prince, son of Mr. J. Prince.

However, after leaving the party, an altercation happened, From initial tweets and information gathered below, you can look at some of the stories of what people there said happened.

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43 thoughts on “Migos (Quavo & Takeoff) Involved In Houston Shooting, 3 Dead No Suspects (Crime Scene Footage)”
  1. Violence in America is now completely out of the control. Senseless violence in neighborhoods and violence in public schools. When will America finally make the connection? When you minister violence to people 24/7 in movies, music, games, and social media, this is what people resort to doing to resolve their conflicts. You can't even turn on Netflix, Amazon, or any streaming service without seeing suggestions to watch something that contains horrific violence or movies that glorify people who committed horrific acts of violence. And sadly, these are the most popular shows people are watching. What is wrong with people that they'd find this graphic violence "entertaining". Remember, what you stream, you vote for, you keep supporting, and what's people will keep making! STOP WATCHING VIOLENCE. Don't click on it. Don't stream it. Don't watch it. Don't commit violence against others!

  2. When you reach a certain level of status, you cannot go around people you use to be with before you become famous. I don't see why rappers have to have the need of showing off their jewels and money and clothing. Someone knew they were going to be there. Please wake up young people and stay safe.

  3. Like they say- you can take the nigga out the hood but you can't take the hood out the nigga. This kinda behavior is what Boondocks used to call "a nigga moment". Everybody loses. Smh.

  4. My question is why is some artist coming from out of town … Arguing with in town people..y'all wanted them to come as they were invited and now everyone that visits Houston does

  5. Rip ๐Ÿ™ โšฐ ๐Ÿ™ โšฐ ๐Ÿ™ king take off you didn't deserve this type of violence not at all sending my prayers n condolences to his family and friends ๐Ÿ™ so sorry for your loss ๐Ÿ˜ข ๐Ÿ™ my heart is heavy right now

  6. Take always seemed like to me a laid back dude who would sneak u his style always been sound like he had a cold and rapped like he was reading but I liked it

    Quavo laid back pretty boy don't seem like he would get to violent

    Off he the wild one who talk trash

    I liked all these dudes flow i never heard any more creative flow for a group other then wu

    I wanted to see these hard dudes after retired years later saying look what we did listen to our flow now we don't get to hear that…. sad

  7. Don't blame Houston, or call it a no-fly zone. People did the same thing with Los Angeles for PNB Rock. No. This has nothing to do with land, and more to do with the mentality of hoodlums. If there's anything that needs to be fixed, it's the narratives that race through the minds of people like those that easily took the lives of others that night. Even those that instigated what needn't be. I'm not saying that getting upset is to be called instigating for a H0M0C1DE (Not that it helped); I'm saying their entourages attributed more to this man's passing than you think. Unfortunately, no one thought to deescalate such an event (With famous people.) before the tragedy. Resulting in a young man being deceased as of today. (10-01-2022) &, just think about that. Every November for that man's family will be easily remembered; the 1st of November. Hard to forget. I have a birthday that's the 1st of December; no one in my family forgets.

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