Takeoff SHOT & KILLED During Altercation Over Dice Game

Takeoff, one third of Migos, shot and killed in Houston during altercation over a dice game.


Mob Mail:
P.O.Box 683081
Houston, TX 77268

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21 thoughts on “Takeoff SHOT & KILLED During Altercation Over Dice Game”
  1. All in November
    Von 11/6/20
    Mo3 11/11/20
    Dolph 11/17/21
    Takeoff 11/1/22
    Mac Dre 11/1/2004
    Sad world we live in all over a senseless game. Rip to my favorite Migo you will truly be missed 😢 💔 🙏

  2. R.I.P TAKEOFF🙏feelin tis should not have happened to a Positive Talented Young Black Man who seemed have a GOOD HEART … jus' a cool person… unfortunately as they say, God don't make No mistakes. God has another plan for him at tis time.. 🙏🙏🙏

  3. Damn this is sad af…praying for Takeoff’s family and Quavo’s mental health. They were just about to do some big things as a duo and then this horrible incident occurs and it didn’t have too. That security is done as well…he mine as well prepare for his jail sentence.

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