1. Supposedly Tupac was killed in a similar fashion he went to gamble at the casino in Las Vegas after watching Mike Tyson @ boxing fight and ended up dying 6 days later Tupac didn't wanna go but was convinced by his "friend" to go to vegas truth they were already rich no need to gamblle

  2. Unfortunately FLIP HIPHOP culture is crime culture so this will continue to happen. Dice games are part of HIPHOP people getting shot at a dice game is part of HIPHOP. Rip to Takeoff and healing energy to his family it is a tragedy no doubt. But just look back at the recent HIPHOP artists that have been killed! It all goes back to the way HIPHOP culture is.
    Pop Smoke killed in his own home
    Nipsey Hussle killed in front of his own store
    Young Dolph killed in his own hood getting cookies
    PnB Rock killed while eating

    The sad part is until the culture changes rappers getting murdered is actually normal.

  3. N yall mad at Ye over WLM t-shirt, but this is part of why he wanted our attn, yall ignore that part tho.

    N ?? sharing the video of his body bloodied up n laid out for his family to see. Smdh this new Gen are CARELESS & RECKLESS af, YALL CANT TAKE A BLOW FOR BLOW ?? nor can yall exchange empathy.

    This is why its cooler to hold your friends back from a fight than to have their back in a fight. ??s dont fight no more, its better to walk away, keep ppl u know around n go straight home after the club.

    R.I.P TAKEOFF God bless those grieving over losing you. ??


  4. I like this Flip. Let’s not meet up at a dice game with gats and burners! Let’s have fun what it’s supposed to be! High money stakes but you lose, you lose. Bet another day. This shit hurt, Takeoff was that dude!

  5. you're talking gambling joints and street dice games were ways to bring community together! lol How are you going to think oppressed people who don't have money or never had money not be violent in a game where they can leave with empty pockets. I'm not sure what hood you're from but I never seen a dice game end friendly!

  6. After my homie got shot up at dice game back in the day cuz of a house shot that’s why I don’t even shoot dice no more I can tell you stories of cats that have gotten shot on purpose and by accident!

  7. The bottom line is you keep inviting death in your surroundings, he will eventually show up. The Bad energy/vibes around Quavo that night you could tell something bad was going to happen driving around with guns in your car talking that shit was just a bad omen for the devil and that night y’all let him in. Now he has to live with that pain knowing it coat his brother his life . R.I.P to that man but y’all keep keep knocking on the door of the devil and don’t think he listening it hurt me to the core when I see folks lose their life over shit that could have been 100% avoided. Black me when will y’all wake up and open your eyes. If all you want out of life is the be fly you don’t deserve to be amongst the living. It’s a sad way for this young man to go out. I don’t normally speak on matters of this nature but I’m tired of seeing my people act like fools because they have money not knowing it’s only going to last for a awhile. Again rest easy and may you find peace in the unseen world. stay blessed and safe my people ????????????Smdh

  8. Why shooting dice at bowling alley though why not the casino where this more than likely not gonna happen…to hell wit keeping it real for mfers that will kill you over a dive game…the game is poisonous get in get ya bread and transition to a new wave…rap culture ?️

  9. I almost lost my life to what the dice do-Nas fukk a dice game. Gambling ain't never been good flip. Alot niggas done died over dice games tf u talking about flip. It don't bring the community together. U don't see kids and mothers at dice games. Then it ain't for the community. It's for taking something from some one else by chance.

  10. Was he in his city??What time was it?? Where was it?? Pretty sure it wasn’t in their hometown…Pretty sure it wasn’t daytime…This has nothing to do with ptsd! This has everything to do with people are starving and will always be starving. One phone call will have someone there..OR one dice roll will leave a frontin dood unable to leave that game without that money back by any means. BE AWARE AND BE SMART! RIP Takeoff. Good vibe. Good guy. Learn from this guys. Don’t be around situations where it can get negative especially with normal people around. Not everyone’s life is sweet. RIP.

  11. Man stay in y’all own cities man …I’m a uptown nigga living in South Park Houston and these lil retards are different they have no common sense or intelligence ..and they give them guns like candy down here stay in y’all cities !

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