Migos Rapper "Takeoff" DIES at 28 Years Old! *Shot During Dice Game in Houston*

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Migos Rapper Takeoff Passes at 28 Years Old! *Shot During Dice Game in Houston*

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32 thoughts on “Migos Rapper "Takeoff" DIES at 28 Years Old! *Shot During Dice Game in Houston*”
  1. In the words of juvenile.
    "You away from home, your an alien".
    What were you doing in the hood, what were you doing in houston, in a state that you are not from?
    A dice game?
    You need to be at Only The Tourist spots.
    As a famous celebrity.

  2. You think I would be around poor angry black ppl if I was a black rapper who made it? Hell no I ll be chilling home calling pornstars to come see me I ll travel the world geez .And when they call me Uncle Tom I ll say Ty you have a bless day.

  3. Being out after midnight your just asking for trouble .. rappers should know better by now and not put yourself in situations like that .. and definitely don't post videos of where ur at or going .. and definitely not in a bad city like Houston.. sad day for the migo family .

  4. Halloween stay your asses in like minded company ONLY for you rappers and hood entertainers….Ijs last Halloween Alpo, now present yesterday Halloween this unfortunate turn of events with TakeOff
    R.I.P TakeOff ????️
    LL " The CULTURE "

  5. They need to find out who the guy was with the white hat he was arguing with bc that was the guy that pushed and swong on quavo. With so many witnesses especially that girl that reported what happened she should have seen who has the gun it was clear as day.

    Also watch j prince Jr as he walks away while takeoff is laying there 10 yards from him..he leaves the site with not a care in the world almost as if he knew he was apart of it.

    Rewind the clip and see how calm he walks off from the scene when if anything he should have running or hurried instead he walks all calm. He and his crew had something to do with it. It was a set up especially bc it was His party and they said Noone has guns except for mobties crew.

    They set up the whole thing. The fight was done on purpose and they wanted the smoke with quavo so the guy kept pressing him until quavo got hot and that's exactly what they wanted. Then after takeoff gets hit you see j prince Jr walking off calm he should have stayed if he gave any care about the migos.

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