BREAKING: Takeoff from the Migos Shot & Killed In Houston Texas

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48 thoughts on “BREAKING: Takeoff from the Migos Shot & Killed In Houston Texas”
  1. Possibly another label orcestrated exist of a rapper, Allegedly. If, true death is freeing the soul so, nothing to be sad about. In ancient times we celebrated, Lousiana still do. You can be compassionate without lowering YOUR vibes.

  2. Was quavo still there with his nephew when the police got there, or did he leave him alone? Something is not right about this. Without trying they hit him, out of all those people, in his neck and head, exact spots to automatically kill someone? Sounds like a hit to me. Rest in peace Takeoff.

  3. Wild! Wild! Wild! 28 years young man's life just snuffed out over for Dumb sh*t! Totally senseless and ridiculous! R.I.P. . So many stories out there on how it all went down, don't know what to believe. But they're saying that Off Set started the dam shooting first, and that his nephew was caught in the cross fire. Don't know a lot about them, but it's said that 'Take Off' was the nicest, quietest out of all of them. Heard some stories from someone who had family that worked at the alley.and the person took videos.

  4. I'm glad ion't kno how 2 shoot dice… Neva waz interested b/c mferz can't even stand losing @ Madden & 2k (r.i.p lil snupe) so I Kno w/ plenty money on da line in dice som1 (mainly who losing) makin life decisionz beyond da game knowin they don't have it 2 blow n da 1st place 2 b able 2 charge it 2 da game. R.i.p ?

  5. White rappers aren't shooting each other dead in the street I bet the guy who pulled the trigger was an aspiring rapper or fk boy or something
    Just stay out the rap game it polluted with dangers you can't sit at the bar

  6. All the Black community gonna say is RIP. Had a cop killed him then BL would have M and everyone would raise Hell. But as long as its B on B, you wont hear a peep but RIP. The brutal truth.

  7. I'm in shock , My Bro Supreme just passed away in Long Island n we use to compare Take off a lot , they done met eachothers n all ,Now I wake up n he gone2, I feel jinxed ,this is horrible freak accident but these rappers are passing so much by the week ,I spits n I'm not so eager to be out there ,these men ain't even making it to 40-50 years old , our level of professional protection needs to increase if these rappers plan to make it
    …dude couldn't of been professional to make a stupid mistake of that sort. We celebrating the day of the dead then this happens, our culture needs a change , this is outta control… deepest condolences to the Migos ????????????❤️‍?❤️‍?❤️‍?❤️??RISE IN POWER TAKEOFF????????????❤️‍?❤️‍?

  8. Don't you find weird that the Migos was just beefing and now takeoff dead?? They were on the verge of loosing status so they mixed it up and got rid of offset I feel like it was a play being ran on takeoff from the jump. They had already planned on getting rid of him man ain't nobody telling me any different cuz takeoff love being in Houston he raps about it!! And also it just so happens he loses his life just exactly like Duke that jeweler in Houston at a damn dice game. I'm starting to think dice game is code for stick up In Houston ?

  9. Do everyone see what's happening??.. Micheal & Pac told us "they don't give a fuk about us" so why don't we??.. we gotta stop helping the opposer kill us off & rise with one another.. it's sooo much more together then apart in every aspect.. & that's not even talking $ I blew threw so many bands I know it's more than enough for us ALL ?????✌?

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