Aaron Rodgers Tells Adam Schefter To "Lose My Number," Talks "Wishlist" He Gave Jets | Pat McAfee

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38 thoughts on “Aaron Rodgers Tells Adam Schefter To "Lose My Number," Talks "Wishlist" He Gave Jets | Pat McAfee”
  1. Most of us with a brain don't automatically believe what we hear. Especially from the press which obviously includes sportswriters or sportscasters

  2. As a packer fan….to hear him say "all I want is transperancy"….. F@$% YOU RODGERS! All we wanted as your fans was transparency you premadonna

  3. ESPN is embarrassing, but AR still tiptoes around here, very strategical non-denial denials. Maybe the “demands” weren’t handed to the Jets execs on parchment paper, but make no mistake, they’ve been strongly encouraged to sign certain guys if they plan to get Aaron. It’s semantics, so call it what you want, he’s being disingenuous.

  4. Aaron Rodgers being a bitchy drama queen and acting like a victim because Adam Schefter was right the entire time about A-Aron's either retiring or leaving Green Bay for the Jets lmfao

  5. They don’t like Aaron because he is ???? AMERICAN!!!! He is a doer and not a follower. I listen to that little little man named Colan Cowpoop and all he does is race bait and talk highly of black athletes no matter if the suck “Russel Wilson” and dogs out anyone that is his skin color “white” that doesn’t lean LEFT. I am white btw 🙂

  6. I'm having a hard time understanding the beef with aa-ron? everyone seem to had put him on a pedestal and act like he wasn’t glorified, but soon as he takes on the role, suddenly it's a problem?

  7. People will create drama where there isn't any just to earn a living. Adam Schefter is the prime example of taking a hearsay as fact and acts like hes breaking a big story before it comes out. He is just a rat waiting to seize any moment as being first. He is literally a youtube commentor who came to a video first and commented "FIRST"

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