When you rent either a house or an apartment sometime the landlord will require you to carry renters insurance. This video goes over what coverages you need and how to get it cheaper.

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  1. I started working in the insurance field. I came across your page because I’m still new and learning. Your videos have been a life saver. It’s helping to make everything click and giving me an idea of how to better explain to customers. Thank you for your videos and your knowledge. Most helpful!!

  2. My landlord never asked for it but I decided to do a quote for rental and auto on progressive ( both for about $500 (6 months auto -1 year insurance ) . Geicco was charging me $800 only auto. ????. Irony a week after my landlord asked if I could send her a copy of rental insurance .????

  3. What about all the cigarette & pot smoke coming from my neighbors below? It says in our lease agreement that people are to smoke on patio not inside. Yet the manager acknowledge she smelt smoke in my apartment.
    The smoke (all kinds) is making me sick. The place is becoming unlivable as I'm coughing now all the time..I have an appt w my dr. I also gave the manager a note from my Dr saying that I cannot be exposed to smoke.

  4. AAA renters insurance is Dog waste. Was paying $23 a month for 100k and my card got declined (Which it shouldnt have) I tried to resolve the issue 90 days later (Unknowing my policy was canceled) and they refused to just charge me what I would have paid $70 to get back on an identical policy. They wanted 100% down ($200). DO NOT GO WITH AAA- arrogant combative big brother attitude type company.

  5. Do you know of renter’s insurance that do short term coverage? 6 months for example? I’m only at my rental for 6 months and most insurance companies that I got quotes from are 1 year coverage no less?

  6. Thanks dude. Here's some irony – I like how "progressive" Lemonade insurance is. They are straightforward, not so corporate, simple to navigate, and will soon have auto. On the other hand, they don't seem as comprehensive as USAA – which is more expensive but impressive. Regardless, I think I'll try lemonade for it's affordability. God forbid anything happens, but if it does, do you believe they're easy to deal with and get compensation from? Thanks again

  7. I live in California and have been insured by Lemonade for 3years. I pay about $5 a month for a basic policy….. only thing I have an issue with is the coverages for Earthquake damages is not included.

    Lemonade is partnered with a company who offers those coverages and the cost goes up quite a bit.

    Been thinking about adding renters insurance to my auto and stumbled upon this video. Great info. Thanks !

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