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This video features Judge William Acker, Jr. testifying at Senate Finance Committee hearing discussing ERISA and long-term disability insurance claims.

Disability insurance attorneys Gregory Dell & Stephen Jessup provide their thoughts on ERISA and the testimony of Judge Acker.

Judge Acker has been a United States Federal Judge for the Northern District of Alabama since 1982. In 1998, Judge Acker wrote a law review article titled, “Can the Courts Rescue ERISA”. Judge Acker testifies that ERISA is a major problem and it continues to get worse every day.

The full testimony of Judge Acker is much longer than this clip, but the point is that a Federal Judge has been trying to tell Congress since 1998 that ERISA is broken and it needs to be fixed. ERISA was enacted in 1974 and it has probably been the most litigated Federal statute in US history.



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In the world of disability insurance claims, the Employee Retirement Income Security Act (ERISA) plays a crucial role. ERISA is a federal law that sets minimum standards for most voluntarily established retirement and health plans in private industry. It provides certain protections for employees participating in these plans, including the right to sue for benefits and the right to appeal claim denials.

However, navigating ERISA disability insurance claims can be a complex and daunting process. That’s why it’s important to gain insight from those who have a deep understanding of the law, such as a federal judge.

In “A Federal Judge’s Perspective on ERISA Disability Insurance Claims,” Episode 21 of the YouTube series “Ask Andrew Disability Insurance Tips,” Judge Geraldine Mund shares her extensive knowledge and experience in handling ERISA disability insurance claims.

Judge Mund served as a U.S. Magistrate Judge for the U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of Pennsylvania for nearly two decades. During her time on the bench, she handled numerous ERISA cases and provided critical guidance to those navigating the complex world of ERISA disability insurance claims.

In the YouTube video, Judge Mund begins by discussing the differences between ERISA claims and disability claims under state law. She notes that ERISA claims are subject to a more stringent standard of review and that claimants must follow specific procedures when appealing claim denials.

Judge Mund also emphasizes the importance of submitting complete and accurate medical evidence when filing an ERISA disability claim. This evidence should not only show the claimant’s medical condition but also how that condition prevents them from performing their job duties.

Furthermore, Judge Mund stresses the significance of having a strong legal team when appealing denied claims. She notes that many insurance companies have highly skilled legal teams on their side, making it crucial for claimants to have an experienced attorney who can level the playing field.

Overall, the insight provided by Judge Mund in “A Federal Judge’s Perspective on ERISA Disability Insurance Claims” can be incredibly valuable for anyone navigating the often-complex world of ERISA disability insurance claims. Her experience and knowledge can help claimants better understand the process and give them a better chance of success in their pursuit of much-needed benefits.


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