DJ Akademiks Shares Insights on Offset’s Cover Story in Variety Magazine and Addresses Offset’s Non-Familial Relationship with Quavo

DJ Akademiks’ Perspective on Offset’s Variety Magazine Cover Story

In a recent interview with DJ Akademiks, the prominent DJ and social media personality shed light on Offset’s appearance on the cover of Variety Magazine. DJ Akademiks, known for his honest and unfiltered commentary, provided valuable insights into the significance of this feature and its impact on Offset’s career.

According to DJ Akademiks, Offset’s presence on the cover of Variety Magazine signifies a major milestone in his journey as a solo artist. While Offset gained recognition as a member of the renowned rap trio Migos, this cover story highlights his individual talent and highlights his ability to stand out in the industry. DJ Akademiks praised Offset’s relentless work ethic and applauded his dedication to crafting exceptional music that resonates with his audience.

Clarifying Offset’s Relationship with Quavo

Addressing a common misconception, DJ Akademiks clarified the nature of Offset’s relationship with fellow Migos member, Quavo. Contrary to popular belief, Offset and Quavo are not related by blood. They are, however, related through their shared passion for music and their collaborative efforts as part of Migos.

DJ Akademiks emphasized that while the bond between Offset and Quavo runs deep, it is important to understand that their connection is rooted in their shared experiences and artistic pursuits rather than a familial tie. The synergy between the two artists has undoubtedly played a significant role in their collective success, as evidenced by the chart-topping hits they have delivered as part of Migos.

By setting the record straight, DJ Akademiks aimed to dispel any misconceptions surrounding Offset’s relationship with Quavo and shed light on the true nature of their connection. Their collaboration extends beyond familial ties, showcasing the power of artistic camaraderie and mutual respect within the music industry.

In conclusion, DJ Akademiks’ insightful comments on Offset’s cover story in Variety Magazine and his clarification regarding Offset’s relationship with Quavo provide valuable context to fans and industry insiders alike. With his astute observations and deep understanding of the music landscape, DJ Akademiks continues to be a trusted source for valuable insights and commentary.

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43 thoughts on “DJ Akademiks Shares Insights on Offset’s Cover Story in Variety Magazine and Addresses Offset’s Non-Familial Relationship with Quavo”
  1. Keep it 100 Quavo acting like a hoe. You know offset wanna handle the shit but he taking it to far. WHATEVER IT IS Quavo don’t wanna fix it. Somebody y’all care about deeply died and you still wanna act like a hoe. SMH

  2. Some people don't need to be blood to be family those folks been attached since 6 grade & know each other secrets & this shit def about money

  3. This facts nobody going to speak on him and cardi left because they want to go to Rocnation and Rocnation sues or finds loopholes on all their poached artist

  4. I used to think offset morning take was genuine but after hearing takeoff is on his album gives me fake vibes. When take was alive offset barely had songs with just them 2. Take wasnt on FO4

  5. Another late arrival, Ak. It was great to have all my talking points used in such a way that I can prove I said this first, among other things. Thanks for the good work, but you were very late. You might have reached these same conclusions sooner if you had done your homework earlier, which would have helped fans and investigators put this case to rest. Perfect Timing Podcast salutes you

  6. We see the same thang over an over if not now theyll b back together n a couple years look at all the people that dissed n cash money came back years later same with no limit an everybody else

  7. Niggas is slow. Just because they didn't mention this after the new fans got here doesn't mean they haven't spoken on this already during the initial rise of the group. Alot of us knew offset wasn't really blood because they spoke on it 10 years ago

  8. Offset needs to release an album or something I’m not even anticipating it.. it’s just he’s done nothing for 5 years since “Father of 4” only time I see him pop up is if it’s beef with Quavo or something to do with Cardi.

  9. We know the heaux are for everybody, but once your homie/brother/cousin tells the WORLD that this Shorty is his GIRL, she's off limits! That's just code.

    Regardless of what they say after the break up, she was once put in the partner/girlfriend spot… Out of loyalty, she can only be sis to you..

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