Cardi B slams husband Offset on live after deleting ‘cheating’ Instagram post

Cardi B has shut down cheating rumors while breaking her silence on husband Offset’s explosive Instagram posts. While the Migos rapper deleted posts accusing his wife of cheating on him, Cardi retaliated by speaking to fans directly live on Twitter Spaces, where she called him “stupid”.

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38 thoughts on “Cardi B slams husband Offset on live after deleting ‘cheating’ Instagram post”
  1. No they are not about to spilt up “AGAIN” let them be happy quit tryna get yourself more feckin views off of basically hoping that there will
    Be negative BS and drama is please cause putting this negative shit out into the universe is shady af -don’t about the rest of you guys but I absolutely LOVE seeing people doing well in life and being happy in their own lives I can’t understand these bitter little bitches that thrive on drama and just LOVE to see ppl fail etc it’s alien to me! Anyways Cardi and Offset PLEASE do a reality show and ensure it can be viewed worldwide so I can watch it with you all too over here in Scotland PLEASE ???? ???????? ( I really do think them in a raw, reality show with the rest of their fam would be hilarious -I miss seeing Cardi on the screens ❤❤

  2. A man that shows his wife off sexually to the public has no respect for her.
    Women need to wake up and understand respect and genuine love goes hand and hand.
    It’s not cute and it’s not him showing you love. He’s showing the world the disrespect you allow him to show you.
    He’s her husband, the Bible holds him to a different standard.
    Satan has her blinded. ????????????

  3. I AM PRAYING FOR YOU AND ROOTING FOR YOU! All you have to do is ask Jesus back into your heart! The trick you must say is * "in Jesus' name" and then if you want to get the demons away, use their names if you know. If you dont know look up what demons do certian things. Then use the "trick" and tell the demon to leave you, family etc. I BELIEVE YOU CAN DO THIS AND YOUR DAUGHTER NEEDS THE BEST MOM SHE CAN HAVE! LOOK UP AND In Jesus name i call on him & God, to rid this mother of all demons infinitely forever. I cry out to you for Cardi B. Please God show her your will! Amen

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  5. Cardi b respects her marriage and u can tell she really is trying to make it work. Offset has cheated plenty of times. And she keeps trying to save her marriage. It’s usually the one who is cheating that points the finger like he did.

  6. I wish I could find a down one, with hustle? I wouldn't even marry someone in order to control their behavior anyway. I mean the mother of my kids know she always comes before anybody's rumor about Kiara I Don't Already know. And im takin off on haters of my re re

  7. CARDI ♦️♠️ B" YOU & OFFSET????❗NEEDS TOO" STOP❗" IT" I DON'T BELIEVE IN SEPARATION❗ I DON'T BELIEVE IN DIVORCES❗ AND I DON'T BELIEVE IN SPLIT "UP'S NOW❗CARDI ♦️♠️ THATS" WHATS UP❗????????????& ITS UP???????????? &ITS????????????????"UP& UP???????????? &???????????????????????? ITS???????????? UP& ITS???????????????????? NOW ITS UP& ITS UP& ITS UP????????????❗

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