Building Bonds! | Behind The Sanctuary

???? On this episode of Behind The Sanctuary, we are mixing our two neighboring lions, Kasanga and Imara!

???? Mixing two cats is no easy task so follow along with our keepers as they introduce these two magnificent lions to each other!

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26 thoughts on “Building Bonds! | Behind The Sanctuary”
  1. I thought the video was so well done, showing and explaining socialising procedure clearly, but also moving swiftly through progression . Also, explaining safety precautions. So interesting. Thank you .

  2. He seems a little shy! She has exposed her belly to him and wants to be near him, although chasing him around the enclosure is kind of embarrassing for him. She is learning what he is good with. They both want each other’s company because that’s how they are designed
    to exist. Cats can only sleep ???? when they feel safe and these two are very happy to be sleeping with each other.

  3. Okay in the 3rd session, that had me laughing! You could almost hear the wheels turning in his head, deciding if he wanted to risk another swipe by sitting too close to a possibly pissed off female haha. The hesitant paw, the nervous side eye ???? Love seeing this behind the scenes stuff that only you guys are privilege to!

  4. Thanks you for sharing this video. Millions upon millions of us have no idea how your organizations work. The lions look healthy, beautiful as if 15:44 they were in their natural environment because of your care. Still heartbreaking all animal/species are endangered for one reason or another today.

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