Pickleball – The Elder Game

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Additional voices:
Alex Walker Smith
Meghan Murphy

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35 thoughts on “Pickleball – The Elder Game”
  1. Got such a kind of Satanic artstyle in a way, reminds me of how Mr Pickles kind of is(Ironic the video is called Pickleball lol). Impressive af how you can turn a face into something so eerily menacing and off.. I hate watching your videos but I can't help myself from how intrigued I am by your work. You are literally your own genre at this point lol

  2. Watching this on LSD the other night was a TRIP!!! I was creeped out by the chanting and their faces were creepy and changing colors…fuck it was so weird.

    Now watching it sober… I get the same feelings. ????

  3. Ok, these videos are very good, but honestly characters are disturbing????????????. Love the concept tho, you got a really beautiful mind. Animations are really awesome, hope u never stop doin this

  4. Imagine my surprise when my BAD DRAGON email contained a familiar name. Papa Meat, I'm a Phoenix local. Im going to pick up my new chubby on-site. 32, F, 170 lbs, 5 ft, natural redhead. Thank you.

  5. I visited Key West for the first time last weekend and discovered pickleball for the first time. It's really popular there. It's crazy that your recent video is about pickleball. Are you following my life?

  6. I work at a club with a lot of old people, ironically I just set up a Pickleball match for tomorrow morning. I just heard my manger say “it’s the fastest growing sport” before watching this video. Did the matrix break on me again?

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