Israel Palestine Conflict | In Video: Israeli Couple, 2 Kids Held Hostage by Hamas Gunmen

Horrific video of an Israeli family, including two children held hostage by reportedly armed men of the Hamas group, who have seemingly executed a daughter of the family, has surfaced online.

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Video: The Quint/X
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20 thoughts on “Israel Palestine Conflict | In Video: Israeli Couple, 2 Kids Held Hostage by Hamas Gunmen”
  1. in another video the mother explained that a bullet went through the safe room door and killed her older daughter..she was not executed, but it happens to be the news and they need clicks.

  2. I feel so sorry for the worlds children the adults of the world are insane many don’t value their wives or children their hatred and politics is what drive their miserable narcissistic me me me me look at me lives.

  3. Inki vafadaari sirf inke khoon ke prati hai inka hisaab chukate chukate hum khaakh ho jayenge laakho log maare jaayenge kekin kuch nhi badlega

  4. Israel ne Palestine par saalo se jurm kar raha hai yeh sahi hai bina koi proofs ke????
    ,….. Par joh kashmir mai kashmiri Hindus ke sath muslims ne kiya tha, rape, mass conversion, brutal murders yeh saab ek propaganda hai woh bhi BJP ka

    Waah kiya hypocrisy hai puncture walo ka????

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