252. Can Australia Jag The World Cup? with Adam Gilchrist

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00:00 Stuart Broad on Lords Incident
07:45 Support Us on Patreon
09:22 Archie Gray Brain Cancer Awareness Celebrity Charit Match
11:34 Australia’s World Cup
18:45 Are Australia Watching This?
20:45 Everything’s Coming Up India
23:58 England Sit Bottom of Table
29:57 Afghanistan A Chance?
31:12 Paksitan Player’s Not Been Paid
36:10 Shoutout New Zealand
37:57 Adam Gilchrist
1:14:44 Australia T20 Squad vs India
1:19:14 Greg Chappells GoFundMe
1:29:48 NSW Not Won a Game in last 15 matches
1:33:32 Tasmania Highest Ever Run Chase
1:35:47 Khawaja Resting
1:41:53 Thanks to Ponting Wines
1:47:28 #AskTGC

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20 thoughts on “252. Can Australia Jag The World Cup? with Adam Gilchrist”
  1. #AskTGC BOIS, (yes – 04, not 05, thats a different guy. Good chap though) Since we still havent resolved the mystery of this rachindra guys name origins, i have a new one for ya. I’ve heard this rumour about Sam Perry being named after Samuel L jackson – bass heavy soothing voice like him and both had the hairline similar to mo shami’s seam presentations in an odi (comms dont talk about it enough) and platypus perry – you couldnt identify him without the cap. I have dreams of him shouting BABE!! in my dreams and then whyrat comes in and you know the rest. True?

  2. Can we just appreciate how Pez transitioned from a sensitive topic (Grec C’s GoFundMe) to the whip-round for volunteers? Such a smooth segue, “Back in the old days…”. Brilliantly done

  3. Y’all never gave Club Prairie Fire their shoutout. Get it together and follow up on your word w Gilly. If an icon such as gilly asked a favor out of me I’d be on my p’s and q’s to get it done.

  4. #TGC Pezza and higgos how did u feel when gilly texted you after the interview saying why didn't u mention club prairie club because I feel that was the only reason he did the interview with you guys????????

  5. #ASKTGC, Do u think BCCI has already planned a narrow escape for Pakistan to reach Semis as no 4. Today was it was the founding stone when NZ gracefully requested SA to bat first like plz spank us guys till its red hot. This will make league stage more interesting hence more revenue. Which will stage the clash of the decade, clash of the titans India vs Pakistan that will bring blockbuster revenues plus it will ensure a smooth passage for India to the Final where 1.25 lacs blues will burst the oppositions' heads into smoke with their shout. We will celebrate Diwali, the festival of lights & firecrackers again on Nov19 after celebrating it on Nov12.

  6. Stuart Broad's monologue was so cringy. He really thinks people care about his opinion outside England. But according to some of his fans, I must be 'rattled' now that I have commented about him

  7. What exactly is Australian summer? What's the point?
    Any team in the world comes, Aussies are like, is anyone looking forward to this? What are you looking forward to?
    Make different pitches, every team will compete. ????????
    Just a next level of hypocrites.

  8. India will play semis in Mumbai.

    India will play in Kolkata only if India vs Pakistan semi finals happen. It is a very political/ culturally sensitive issue to host Pakistan team in Mumbai and hence they have not announced semi final venues. .

  9. Its disgusting & sad that due to pakistan india issue , other countries have to deal with this shit of not knowing who plays where in semifinals,. Hugeeeeeeee Advatnage to indian team. disgusting

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