FED UP Judge SMACKS DOWN Trump’s Lawyers in OPEN COURT During Trial

MeidasTouch host Ben Meiselas reports on Judge Arthur Engoron calling out Donald Trump’s lawyers for their behavior in attacking his principal law clerk.

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20 thoughts on “FED UP Judge SMACKS DOWN Trump’s Lawyers in OPEN COURT During Trial”
  1. Um.. these delusional "lawyers" do realize that their clients have already been found guilty of fraud, removed their LLCs etc and that all this is about now is how much the fraud family has to pay back & whether they can ever do business in NY ever again, right? ????

  2. I hope the Dems have all these recordings to run for their candidacies. I hope they have the lies ready, the comedies ready, Jr's. smirks and BS at court and all the rest. It'll make great theatre!

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