Ben Meiselas reports on Federal Judge Aileen Cannon’s recent hearing concerning whether or not she will shift the trial schedule in the Mar-a-Lago stolen documents case, and how her attempts to help Donald Trump have backfired, putting both her and Trump in a very precarious position.

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19 thoughts on “Judge Cannon FALLS Into HER OWN TRAP, ACCIDENTALLY Keeps SCREWING Trump”
  1. Oh honey, she is there to do solely the orange clown's bidding. That is her only assignment. She's a pretend judge, A JINO, just like tRump was a pretend "pres." A PINO. So let us not for a split second, hold our breath and "think" that she'll "somehow" one day wake up in the morning and decide to act like a "real and impartial judge." IT AIN'T GONNA HAPPEN! SHE IS A CROOKED, tRUMP&CO. OWNED JUDGE!

  2. 0:08: ???? Federal judge Eileen Cannon delays trial schedule and considers further delays in the ongoing criminal prosecution of Donald Trump.
    3:50: ???? The video discusses a court ruling regarding the access to classified information in the Donald Trump case.
    7:24: ????️ The video discusses the delay in Donald Trump's trial and the reasons behind it.
    Recap by Tammy AI

  3. A ''REAL"" Judge would NEVER follow a thought that their trial dates might interfere, or be prejudged by a similar trial elsewhere. Their ONLY concern should be on this one case, and move expeditiously, sadly that should be known by her, but it seems she missed that class. TBH, I think she either missed a LOT of classes, or was predisposed to fight for wrong over right. Her teachers may need to be examined upon such a bias also, simply because they passed such a bad judge.

  4. Ugh ???? I glad I am not related to judge Cannon ????, as Donald Duck would say yuck yuck or was that quacky quacky in my opinion based on my past feelings only and not a statement of fact ????

    When talking about political people????‍???? be sure if possible to point out any previously mentioned internet news sources of the political person???? public event in my opinion based on my past feelings only and not a statement of fact

  5. I hope they have evidence of her communications with Trumps team and the reason they haven’t removed her is because they’re building a case against her.
    That’s what I hope anyway because I don’t know why they haven’t kicked her off yet.

  6. Cannon is an inept flunkie trying to ingratiate herself to the biggest threat of Democracy & the rule of law in over 100 years!! Thank heavens for OTHER judges who aren't impressed with shiny objects & empty promises but follow their ethical principles, professional training & consciences committed to the appropriate dispensation of justice!! Her need to be popular with a traitor says a lot about HER principles (or lack thereof), competence, & willingness to collaborate with a criminal!!

  7. Why doesn't Smith file a request for Cannon to be recused from the case? It is apparent to even a layman like myself that she is intentionally blowing up the timeline for this court case that has been set already. She has no justifiable explanation for her incompetence except to say honestly that she is sabotaging her court hearing to help Trump.
    To be honest they need to open an investigation into Cannons actions and seek to have her removed from her appointment.

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