Pulse of The Ohio State Buckeyes | More EDGY Ryan Day Team? | Jim Knowles Coached Defense ROLLING!

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20 thoughts on “Pulse of The Ohio State Buckeyes | More EDGY Ryan Day Team? | Jim Knowles Coached Defense ROLLING!”
  1. Anybody questioning whether Ryan Day should be our coach is an idiot. The changes he’s made to make this team successful are incredible. He’s a phenomenal coach. Unless Urban decides he wants to coach again I don’t want anyone else.

  2. Perfect commentary and Ohio State offense is still evolving but are getting better every week. Hopefully will peak for the team up north game. Need to work harder on run game create some new plays that will help open up the other team defense. I would like to see some trap plays, two set backs, run the old fashion option play from time to time, especially in the red zone inside the ten. Use Johnson to run more, he does everything well. I don't like their tight formation as it brings the defense in with more players to defend and our line not able to handle to handle that yet but will. For example we ran the same play over center i think six time in the game and five times got one yard and once no gain. Keep the defense guessing. It was great to see you in Columbus, Buckeye Nation likes you and respects your analysis and commentary.

  3. Michigan has not played anybody this year. OSU has played 2 top ten teams and won big. Why is Michigan ranked higher? It’s who you play, not how many points you score. Check the schedule!

  4. See here is where your wrong bro. Do some research. B10 typically has several teams ranked in top 15-20 nationally in Defense. Several more than the SEC!! Playing great D is Always been B10 football. Don't cheat then calling it SEC style cause thats wrong!!!!

  5. Say what you want about the offense this season but the progress week by week has been enough. Kyle McCord the first 3 games is completely different from last weeks game. As long as this trend continues we have a good shot at taking the cheaters out in their own home????????️????

  6. I think Ohio State is overrated. They very nearly lost to Notredame and their Penn State win was limited because Penn State QB was either paid off or choked under pressure.

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