SICKO Trump BEGS Appeals Court to Let Him THREATEN Witness

MeidasTouch host Ben Meiselas reports on Donald Trump’s emergency motion requesting the DC Circuit Court of Appeals permit him to threaten the federal judge, court staff, Special Counsel Jack Smith, and witnesses.

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19 thoughts on “SICKO Trump BEGS Appeals Court to Let Him THREATEN Witness”
  1. Judge Chutkin issued an order with crystal clarity and precision detailing the type of speech that is allowed and the type of speech that is prohibited. There is absolutely no way this appeal will be successful

  2. That lunatic idiot, IQ45, can’t understand that he’s NOT the President of the USA anymore ????. He always refers to himself as President Trump. The President is Joe Biden! Vote blue for all our lives, please ????????????????????????

  3. How can you support this man after he Hid information about Covid. He doesn't care about those families who lost love ones. He's just a lier and so are his Sons. Just terrible.

  4. Is this the marseilasesseleninstitute re-transmogrified? After all, we're only Jung once I'm aFreud.. My brain is Adlered Lang ago. Musta bin the cuckoo that flew over…

  5. There was never a candidate for president who announced their bid so early either. And it is clear to me why he did it. I don't even know how someone facing so many indictments would run for office, only in America. The most corrupt nation on earth

  6. I want the Court of Appeals to deny this frivolous appeal and fine Trump and his lawyers. No party can threaten people and Trump is a normal citizen. I am so tired of his stupid belief of privilege. Any time someone gets threatened he should be fined $5k for each on on any social media every time or forwarded. It would total millions in one day. Get him where it hurts. Take his money

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