This tries SO hard to be a Troma movie and fails even harder.

Shhhh – Good Bad or Bad Bad #186

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20 thoughts on “This tries SO hard to be a Troma movie and fails even harder.”
  1. Well, I did find Kyle's "Batman caused all the crime" dialogue very provocative. Don't worry, I'm still subscribed, but I definitely won't be watching the "like Kevin Smith but mediocre" movie.

  2. Oh my GOD this "movie" is complete and utter SHIT! It was written terribly, it was acted terribly, and it was also shot terribly as well! Its one of the WORST ones you guys have ever done! And I think we have a new Sam Mraovich on our hands, people! I think this may just be the new Ben & Arthur! It's THAT bad! And I hate the male lead SO much its not funny! In any case, I hope you all had a happy Halloween. But this is some major god-awful suckage right here, aaaahhhhhhhH!!!!

  3. Why does Harris have so much space in the back of him during the close-up shot? I'm not a filmmaker and I even know how to block shots correctly, the 80-degree rule, and the over-the-shoulder shot. It's not rocket science. These people are not filmmakers just because they can film things. Have they even seen a movie?

  4. It’s like the discomfort level of their costumes increases every year. We need to find something like a terrible beach movie for them to review so they can get some relief.

  5. Did they seriously missed the fact the producer at 49:00 is Joe Pilato (aka Capt Rhodes from "Day of the Dead") ? It doesn't change much, but pretty much the only interesting detail of this movie.

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