MeidasTouch host Ben Meiselas reports on the decision by a California State Court Judge to find John Eastman culpable for his conduct relating to Donald Trump which almost certainly result in the revocation of his legal license.

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19 thoughts on “Trump Lawyer GETS WORST NEWS OF HIS LIFE, It’s DEVASTATING”
  1. ?: How many months/years remain for the justice department to indict members of Congress who were known to participate in the 2020 insurrection?

    Also, if democrats take over the House of Representatives in 2024 will it be too late to do a full investigation with recommendations of indictment for those who held office? Or did they already conclude a full investigation of these unindicted criminals?

    If they have, then why doesn't the media put the words unindited co-conspiritor in front of each of their names every time they are spoken about in the media? You, know, just to keep them front and center & as a call to action to our justice system.

    I know there's a lot of news to cover but a lot of times you're a re stating things that you've already reported on and I would love to hear an end up reporting and week by week at least one thing being said about these people. Each member continues to tear our country apart from the inside out. And we're allowing it by accepting the BS that our hands are tied.

    You know you have the ear now of people in the highest places. What can we do to force the hand of the justice system to upend the brainwashing of our masses and upend the authoritarian take over by pulling it out by its roots?

    Maybe Trump gets fancier prison accommodations if he outs those who are going to carry all of this forward after he is put away….?

  2. Eastman was already being fitted for a designer uniform of his own devising. Lots of gold braid, and jodhpur boots. And a leather crop. Gotta have a crop. ????

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